In Texas can they repo a car from your driveway on personal property?

The law can come and remove anything from anywhere if it is on a no parking place, tresspassing, or if you haven't been paying your bills. If you signed the contract to the car saying the car could be repossessed, the government practically owns your car. If you didn't read a contract that you signed that makes it your fault.

The only time I've ever had the law on my side while in the process of a repossession is when it's been court ordered. For instance a bankruptcy judge orders a debtor to surrender a piece of collateral, and the order has been ignored ! Other than that a repossession is a civil matter and the local police will not get involved. More to the point, the answer to the original question is yes ! The collateral can be take from private property or a drive way and that's pretty much in any state.

You did agree to surrender the collateral if you can no longer pay for it. It is stipulated on the contract you signed on that oh so happy day you bought that car. It's just in very fine print on the back and that very helpful sales person, didn't quite explain what all the fine print said in plain english.

You should always check with local law enforcement. In Parker County, a Repo agent must appear before the County Judge with the paper work to repo. The jugde has to approve the repo before hand.