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In the diary, she calls the Van Pels the Van Daans. If that is, in fact, the nickname you mean. Sorry if it's not. I just read the diary in my reading class and it specifically says that in her diary they are called the Van Daans but it's really the Van Pels family.

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anne margot peter mrs van daan mr van daan and mrs frank all die in the concentration camps

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Anne Frank said she did not love him, but it seem like she did... she wrote in her diary that she did NOT love him

Peter, Mr. and Mrs Van Daan , Miep ,Mr . and Mrs. Frank, Anne Frank.

Yes, Mrs Van Daan from the Diary of Anne Frank did like small potatoes.

"Putti" was a name Mr. Van Daan called Mrs. Van Daan. It was a term of endearment.

when Mrs. Van Daan enter in the room, Anne close her diary because it was private and had alt of things about Mrs. Van Daan.

8 including Anne, there was:Mr FrankMrs FrankMargot FrankAnne FrankMrs van DaanMr van DaanPeter van DaanAlbert Dussel

Mrs Frank, Mr Frank, Margot ( her sister ), Mr Van Daan, Mrs Van Daan, Peter Vaan, Dan, Mouschi ( Peters cat ), and later on in the diary, Mr Dussel, who shares a room with Anne.

Mouschi is Peters Cat, who also lived in the Annex with, Anne Frank Margot Frank Edith Frank Otto Frank Fritz Pffefer< Mr. Dussle> Mrs. Van Pels < Mrs. Van Daan> Mr. Van Pels < Mr. Van Daan> Peter Van Pels < Peter Van Daan>

Anne Frank used Van Daan in her diary to cover up there identity there name was really van pel

The cast of The Diary of Anne Frank - 1980 includes: Patricia Ancira James Coco as Van Daan Melissa Gilbert as Anne Frank Erik Holland as Mr. Kraler Scott Jacoby as Peter Van Daan Melora Marshall as Margot Frank Joan Plowright as Mrs. Frank Clive Revill as Dr. Dussel Doris Roberts as Mrs. Petronella Van Daan Maximilian Schell as Otto Frank Susanne Severeid as Voice-over Anne Wyndham as Miep

Anne Frank had a string of boyfriends. She writes this in her Diary. Of all her boyfriends, the most mentioned are Peter Van Daan, who was also in hiding with her, and Harry Goldberg.

No one is to sure how old Mrs. Van Daan was because Anne Frank never put that in her diary, or if she did then that was one of the pages that were lost.

Anne Frank went out with Peter Van daan

If I remember correctly that would be Hans Van Daan.

Peter van Daan could be described as hypersensitive, yet funny. In \"The Diary of Anne Frank\" he is described initially as being lazy.

Mrs. Van Pel's (called Mrs. Van Daan in the diary) fur coat was important to the story

The cast of The Diary of Anne Frank - 2009 includes: Kate Ashfield as Miep Gies Geoff Breton as Peter Van Daan Ron Cook as Hermann Van Daan Tim Dantay as Mr Kugler Nicholas Farrell as Albert Dussel Roger Frost as Mr Kleiman Mariah Gale as Bep Voskuijl Iain Glen as Otto Frank Tamsin Greig as Edith Frank Ellie Kendrick as Anne Frank Lesley Sharp as Petronella Van Daan

The people in hiding with Anne Frank during the Holocaust are Mr. Otto Frank, Mrs. Edith Frank, Margot Frank, Mr. Hans Van Daan, Mrs. Petronella Van Daan, Peter Van Daan, and Mr. Albert Dussel.They were... Otto Frank, Anne's fatherEdith Frank, her motherMargot Frank, Anne's older sisterHermann van Pels (Anne changed the last name to van Daan in her diary)Auguste van PelsPeter van PelsFritz Pfeffer, a dentistOtto Frank was the only person to survive the war.

Peter's last name IN THE DIARY is van Daan. His REAL last name is van Pels.

A nonphysical character trait of Mrs. Van Daan in the novel, Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl, is dramatic. Mrs. Van Daan displays her use of dramatic when she takes all of her sheets out of the cupboard, therefore, relying on Mrs. Franks' sheets, thinking that the will suffice for everybody.

Mr. Dussel was part of DIARY OF ANNE FRANK. He was a new man who went to a hiding apartment with Mr. Frank,MR. Van Daan, and the rest of the family.

Peter van Daan was about 2 years and 7 months older than Anne Frank.

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