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The word "with" is not a Latin word nor is it derived from a Latin word. The Latin word for "with" is cum.

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Q: In the Latin language what is the original meaning of the word 'with'?
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From a Latin word 'bioticus' meaning pertaining to life

What is the Latin derivation for 'mosaic'?

The English word 'mosaic' derives from the ancient, classical Latin language. The original word in Latin is Musa. The English meaning of that original Latin word is also a derivative: 'muse'.

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What is the original meaning of the word alibi?

Alibi is the Latin word for elsewhere.

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I believe that the original word appendix came from Latin.

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The original meaning of the term 'Pagan' comes from the Latin Pagani, meaning from the heath.

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The English word "audience" is a word derived from Latin meaning those who hear

What is the word which means when a word in an original language is used in a different language such as when the Romans kept the original Greek word and its correct ending but in the Latin alphabet?


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