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By definition, a lateral is a pass that is thrown sideways to or behind the passer and is legal anywhere on the field, behind the line of scrimmage or beyond the line of scrimmage.

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Q: In the NFL can you lateral the ball in front of the line of scrimmage?
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Can a quarterback throw the ball after crossing the line of scrimmage?

If a quarterback and the entire ball are in front of the line of scrimmage then a forward pass can no longer be thrown but a lateral is still a legal play. However, by the act of crossing the line of scrimmage, the quarterback does not lose the right to throw a forward pass as long as after crossing the line scrimmage, the ball returns behind and is thrown from behind the line scrimmage.

What is a lateral pass?

a sideways pass parallel to the scrimmage line but not beyond the scrimmage line.

What are some football words that begin with the letter L?

* lateral * line of scrimmage * linebacker * live ball * loose ball

When ball is throw backwards to another player wither in front of or behind the line of scrimmage?

you are allowed to do that its called a backwards lateral but it a flag if you throw it toss i forward its a forwards lateral and you can throw it side ways

If a quarterback throws the football behind the line of scrimmage and the receiver does not catch it is it a fumble?

That depends on the angle the ball travelled. If the receiver is behind or exactly to the side of the quarterback and the ball travels at an angle parallel to or away from the line of scrimmage, the throw is considered a lateral and would be a fumble if the receiver did not catch it. If the receiver is in front of the quarterback and the ball travels at an angle towards the line of scrimmage, the throw is considered a forward pass and would be an incomplete pass.

Can you trow 2 forward passes from behind thev line of scrimage?

Yes you can throw as many passes as you want as long as you or the ball has not crossed the line of scrimmage, but once you or the ball has crossed that line, you may not forward lateral the ball to another player, the pass must be a backward lateral.

Is punt yardage calculated from the line of scrimmage or from where the ball is kicked?

From the line of scrimmage.

Can a running back pitch the ball back to someone else past the line of scrimmage?

Yes. A backwards lateral is always allowed in football.

Where is the Dead ball line in football?

the line of scrimmage

What is the line of scrimmage in football?

When the ball carrier is tackled and does not pass ball to teammate or the ball is out of bounds, the play is called a scrum, and the yard line where the last play was downed is called the line of scrimmage. -----In American football, draw a line from sideline to sideline where the ball is put into play on each down and that is the line of scrimmage.

Can a Runner cross the line of scrimmage then lateral the ball back to the Quarterback can the Quarterback then make a forward pass?

It depends on whether the runner is fat or not. Does that answer your question?

Can you run past the line flick it back and throw it?

No. Once the ball has crossed the line of scrimmage it can only be lateraled backwards. A forward lateral will result in a penalty and loss of downs.

What line does the quarter back have to stand behind to throw the ball?

The quarterback can only make a forward pass from behind the line of scrimmage. A lateral pass may be made from anywhere.

Is it legal to drop kick beyond the line of scrimmage?

it is not legal to drop kick beyond the line of scrimmage. all you can do beyond the line of scrimmage is pitch the ball backwards.

Is line of scrimmage basically where play begins?

Yes ... when an official places the ball on the ground and the referee blows his whistle to signify that a play can begin ... if you think about a straight line going from one sideline to the other that passes through the front tip of the ball and is parallel to the goal lines ... that is the line of scrimmage. In American football, no player is allowed past the line of scrimmage until the ball is snapped and put into play.

What is the spot from which the ball is hiked in football?

The line of scrimmage.

When a forward pass is made must the ball leave the passers hand before it crosses the plane of the line of scrimmage or before the passers last foot crosses the line of scrimmage?

The ball must be released prior to the foot of the passer breaking the line of scrimmage.As long as some portion of the passer's body is behind the line of scrimmage when the ball is thrown, it is a legal forward pass.

Where do offensive line football players line up?

On the line of scrimmage, where the ball is spotted.

Can the quarterback in football run with the ball then throw it?

Yes, as long as the quarterback doesn't pass the line of scrimmage. Once past the line of scrimmage, you cannot pass the ball forward

What is the invisible line called that the ball is placed on after every play?

line of scrimmage

Is the distance of field goal measured from the kicking spot or the line of scrimmage?

From the spot where the ball is kicked. Punt yardage is measured from the line of scrimmage.

If a field goal is missed can the offense score a touchdown?

Only if the kicked ball doesn't go beyond the line of scrimmage or a defensive player touches the ball after it crosses the line of scrimmage.

Can a qurterback cross over the line of scrimmage on a run then turn back and cross back over and throw the ball downfield?

No, once the ball crosses the line of scrimmage, no passing plays can be made.

Is it legal to hurdle the line of scrimmage to block a kick?

Yes, because you still cross the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped so there is nothing wrong with it!!

Can a quarterback go pass the line of scrimmage and than go back and throw the ball?

No... ANSWER: If the QB goes back behind the line of scrimmage, then yes, he can still throw the ball. Crossing the line of scrimmage doesn't negate the QB's right to throw a legal forward pass on that play.