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Well if you want to do you this u must try that is why we have brains!!!!!!

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In the Nintendo ds 'my baby boy' how do you make him stand up while holding onto the toy tramp thing or box thing?

elaborate wat the hell does that mean??

What is trapeful m?

a tramp thats holding a maccy D sign

What does a 'bum on the streets' mean?

tramp its an American thing

What is the difference between 'Tramp' and 'tramp'?

One is capitalized.

In The lady and the tramp who was the tramp?

Tramp, Lady's Mate.

In lady and the tramp is Angel the daughter of Tramp and Peg?

In Lady and the Tramp, Tramp on has puppies with Lady not with Peg.

Who plays Tramp from lady and the tramp?

Tramp was voiced by Larry Roberts.

What kind of dog do you think Tramp is?

Tramp from Lady and the Tramp is a Schnauzer.

What is breed is Tramp from Disney's Lady and the Tramp?

Tramp is a mutt with no specified breed.

What is the male name for Tramp?


What kind of dog is tramp from lady and the tramp?

His species was never revealed in the movie, but the Tramp from Lady and the Tramp is most likely a Schnauzer hybrid.

What mix is tramp on lady and the tramp?

He is a mutt

What is a homophone for tramp?

There is no homophone for the word tramp. However, walk is a synonym for tramp, and the homophone for walk is wok

What kind of dog is tramp?

Tramp is a Schnauzer-mix.

What did Tony call Tramp in Lady and the Tramp?


In the Lady and the Tramp what does Tony call Tramp?


How do you use tramp in a sentence?

tramp is a funny word

What kind if dog is tramp?

Tramp is a Scottish terrier

What does the tramp look like?

Tramp is a Miniature Schnauzer .

What type of dog is the tramp from lady and tramp?

He is a mutt .

What actors and actresses appeared in The Tramp Elephant - 1912?

The cast of The Tramp Elephant - 1912 includes: Bobby Burns as First Tramp Walter Stull as Second Tramp

What name did tramp affectionately call lady?

mrs tramp

What is 'tramp' in french and spanish?

un clochard

Is there a lady and the tramp 3 out?

Depends on the makers of Lady And The Tramp.

Where was Lady and the Tramp published?

Lady and the Tramp was published in 1937