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You have to get the ruby and sapphire (in-game items)for Celio.Then you talk to Lorelei on 4 island. Then go to Indigo Plateau.You can now battle the elite four.

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Q: In the Pokemon League when there is a girl standing in front of the door and she says loreli of the elite four is absent what should you do?
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When does loreli get lost in pkemn FireRed?

After you beat the Pokemon league.

Where is loriel in Pokemon FireRed?

If you mean LORELI not loriel, she is in the Pokemon league, then runs away to four island. You will need a Pokemon with waterfall in the cave on that island. She will be there with two team rocket punks that you have to beat. She will then return to the Pokemon league, reopening it with some newer generation Pokemon and all of them higher levels.

Where to find loreli in Pokemon FireRed?

At indigo plateau she is the weakest elite four

How do you get the scientist away from the dotted hole in Pokemon FireRed?

Rescue Loreli on 4 island.

How do I Help loreli at island 4 Pokemon firered?

beat the team rocket people there with him

What are all the Pokemon leuge?

theres loreli,bruno,agatha,lance,and your rival enjoy!

TVs Gilmore girls names?

loreli rory

What was the name of Marilyn Monroes character in Gentlemen prefer blondes?

Loreli Lee.

Where is loreli in the ice cave in Pokemon FireRed?

either your confused or way out their shes on island 3 in the berry forest She later appears in the ice cave after you beat the Elite 4 the 1st time

What is the name of the phone Loreli Gilmore was using in season 7 of Gilmore Girls?

a razor

What are the names of the elite four in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Loreli, ice and water Bruno, rock and fighting Agatha, ghost Lance, dragon Then obviously your rival, i call him "meow" He has pretty much every type which he brags about beware.

How do you Beat Loreli on LeafGreen?

You are going to need a powerful grass or electric type....preferably zapdos.

Who is the first challenger in the fire red indago platou?

loreli. she uses mainly ice and water types.

How do you help loreli on Pokemon FireRed?

you have to go to one island and go to the volcano-ish place and go to the place the rocket ppls were and she will be there. you have to battle them and she will go back to the indigo plateu hope i helped u! (after u beat da elite 4)

How do you get in the unknown cave in Pokemon Red?

you have to beat the elite four and then find loreli(ice Pokemon elite four member)and then head back to the cave. After you beat the Elite Four and have caught 60 Pokemon, talk to Celio. Get the red ruby in Mt. Ember. When you give it to him, he'll ask for the sapphire as well, and give you the rainbow pass. Go to Seven Island and head south. The ruins are the caves.

Where do i find the second ruby for celio in Pokemon LeafGreen?

first find ruby in mt ember then save loreli on 4 island then go to dotted hole south of 6 island to find sapphire. drop through the first hole then the north, west, east and south hole

What movie and television projects has Loreli Vitek been in?

Loreli Vitek has: Played Hollywood California Contestant in "Beauty on Parade" in 1950. Played Cigarette Girl in "Stella" in 1950. Played Girl in "Hollywood or Bust" in 1956. Played Bit Role in "Fighting Trouble" in 1956. Played Wild Party Girl in "Studs Lonigan" in 1960.

You cant go into the elite four in fire red and you already helped loreli what do you do?

Deliver the ruby and sapphire to Celio if you did that go make sure lorelei is not in icefall cave if she is talk to her then leave and go to the elite four now she should be there but if not this means you have not seen your rival on six island he's in the Pokemon center.

Why cant you face the elite four in FireRed even though you have helped loreli?

Did you deliver the ruby and sapphire yet to celio if not you need to before you can face the elite four.

What is the easiest way to defeat the Pokemon League?

Defeating the Pokemon LeagueIt depends. In Emerald version you should either have a level 70 blaziken who knows skyuppercut or a 60 blaziken with a level 60 salamence. In lg/fr use a the team I used lv58 Zaptos(in powerplant)lv56 venusaur lv54 articuno(in icefall cave)lv51 moltres(on the top of mount ember) lv40 dragonair lv57 pigeot. (P.S dragonair was pretty much useless. Use zaptos for loreli, venusaur and pigeot for Bruno, pigeot again for agatha and then articuno for lance, then everyone for rival.)hint: teach pigeot aeril ace so you can deafeat Bruno and agatha qiuckly because both will use stong moves later in the battle.

Where is loreli in icefall cave?

Lorelai can be found in the inner section of the Icefall Cave after getting past the waterfall with the HM move Waterfall. She will return to her house in Four Island after this encounter.

Ice fall cave Pokemon leaf green walkthrough?

use strength to get to the ice holes in the top right, fall through one onto the ice, skate to the waterfall HM, teach it so someone, go outside, go to the waterfall, use it, go in the cave, save loreli, continue, if you can't solve the strength or ice puzzle you fail

How do you get too all island?

help celio then find the first elite guy loreli in the ice caves oh u need two tickets 4 8 n 9 island

What Pokemon should i use to beat the elite four on Pokemon Yellow?

Well, there are no certain Pokemon you need to use. For Loreli, use Electric, Fire, and Grass Pokemon, and do not use Dragon, Rock, or Ground. For Bruno, definitely a grass and water combo, then a psychic for his fighting. For Agatha, use a ground, electric, and ghost or psychic combo, and for Lance, an ice/water type would be the best. When you face your rival, be sure to have plenty of healing items, and you will have to wing it there because he has many different types. Examples: Ice/Water (Dewgong) Electric (Raichu) Fire (Arcanine) Grass (Victreebell) Psychic (Alakazam) Ghost (Gengar)

What should you do in the Ice Fall Cave in fire red?

You need to acess the ice floor on the bottom floor. Get The HM waterfall teach it and go up the waterfall to reach Loreli. Fight the rockets. There are some other items there put you dont need them to progress in the game.

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