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As far as I know from talking with a Judge not long ago. Anyone that is 17 in the state of Georgia can move out of there parents house. As far as the battery, if she was not charged or has a record on probation there's nothing anybody can do. * The legal age of majority in Georgia is 18. The question seems to indicate that the minor was charged as an adult rather than as a juvenile. If that is the case, simple battery is a misdemeanor if it is a first time offense and the usual penalty if convicted is probation, but the sentencing is at the judge's discretion. If it is a second time offense it is punishable by 10-12 months in prison and/or a $1000.00 fine, third offense carries a mandatory 1-5 years incarceration. Aggravated battery is a serious felony and if convicted the sentence imposed can be from 1-20 years.

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2006-04-24 00:03:59
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Q: In the State of Georgia what could happen to a 17 and a half year old that has been charged with battery but does not any have previous juvenile charges?
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