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A 17-year-old is a minor and cannot legally move out without parental permission unless they have been emancipated in some manner.

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Q: In the State of New York can a 17-year-old legally move in with her 20-year-old boyfriend?
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Can a 17 years old female in the state of Missouri move in with her 18 year old boyfriend legally without her parents consent?

Not legally, no.

I am 16 and pregnant by my boyfriend who is 15 could i legally move in with him and his family with out my parent's consent?

Depends on the state of residence. Laws vary from state to state. If the legal age of consent is 16, yes.

Can a sixteen year old move in with her boyfriend without parental consent in the state of West Virginia?

Not unless she marries him first or is legally emancipated.

In New York State can a 17 year old girl legally date her 25 year old boyfriend without permission?


Can a 17 year old female in the state of Georgia move in with her 21 year old boyfriend legally without her parents consent?

i belive so!

If your boyfriend is 19 and you are 16 can you legally move in with him in Florida?

No, the age of majority and the age of consent for the state is 18. That being the case, the minor female could not legally move in with the adult male whether or not her parents consented to the act.

Can a criminal from one state can legally hide out in another state?

Normally a criminal from one state can not legally hide out in another state.

Is it illegal for an underage mother to live with her boyfriend?

It is not illegal to live with your boyfriend, but you would need your parents' permission and your boyfriend's parents. A minor can only choose where to live if they are legally emancipated. Also, if your parents do not want you and your baby to live with them, they are legally required to make other arrangements, because they are responsible for you until you are 18 regardless of their wishes. You could, however, become a ward of the state where you reside, or become legally emancipated.

How old do you have to be to legally move in with your boyfriend?

This question's answer varies from state to state. Each state has a minimum age of consent, when an individual is considered an adult in matters of sexual relations. However, it might also be wise to research the topic of emancipation, which is when a minor declares him or herself legally separated from his or her parents. Again, that age will vary from state to state as well. Any clerk of the court or someone in the state attorney's office can probably offer state-specific information.

If you legally purchase a firearm from a different US state can you legally own it in your US state of residence?

Yes, providing that you purchased it lawfully, and are legally capable of owning it.

In the State of Wisconsin can a 17-year-old move in with her boyfriend if she doesn't want to follow her parents' rules?

Yes. Wisconsin is the only state that has extremely liberal laws that apply to what legally constitutes the emancipation of a minor.

Can a 17-year-old girl legally be together with her 27-year-old boyfriend in the state of Ohio if they have parental consent?

Not in the state of Ohio must be 18 years of age even with parents consent

Can you legally get married in CA if you are not legally divorced in TX?

No. You must be legally divorced prior to re-marrying in any state.

Can you legally kick out your sixteen year old in Washington state?

No you can not kick a minor out legally.

If a 15 year old girl from Iowa runs away to the state of Arkansas with her 18 year old boyfriend and she is pregnant can the girls parent legally make her leave the father of her child?


Is there a way to see what sites a boyfriend goes to on his computer while hes living in a different state on another computer?

Legally, no. You could put a tracer program on his computer, but it would be an invasion of privacy.

Can a 17-year-old move in with a friend legally in the state of Virginia?

Not legally, as the legal age of majority for the state is 18.

Can you get legally oxycodone and state of Florida?

The only way to legally get oxycodone or any other prescription medication in the state of Florida is to have it prescribed by a doctor.

Are you legally married if your husband has another wife in another state?

No, you are not legally married no matter what State your husband was married in to his other wife and he is a bigamist.

Is purteo rico a state?

purteo rico is a state to some, but legally not.

Are you legally married if the other person is married in a different state?

No. If the other person is legally married to another person in another state, then your marriage is not valid in the USA. You can have be legally married to one person at a time.

My daughter is 18 and her boyfriend 21 what legal ramifications in the state of Georgia are there?

okay i don't know the exact age limit, BUT your daughter is legally an adult and so is her bf, so therefore it is perfectly legal.

If your 16 year old daughter is pregnant by her 18 year old boyfriend can they legally get married?

Answer: Depending on what country you're in, or what state if you're in the United States, 16 may be a legal age for marriage.

Is a verbal agreement legally binding in the state of California?

Is a verbal agreement legally binding in the state of California RE: Electrical work completed for a friend.

Can you remarry if legally separated in Arizona?

No you can not go and get remarried in the state of Arizona, if legally separated , you must remember you have to legally divorced to get married anywhere.