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ANSWERS: Yes. If you are working there is no reason you shouldn't pay rent just because they are your parents. No more free rides! Your parents are making you responsible and if you left home, worked and even went to school you would still have to pay rent. They are not doing anything illegal, but making you take responsibility before you go out into the world. Some parents realize that their children will squander the money, charge them rent and put that money into an account for their child(ren.) If your family is having tough times you should be more than willing to contribute some rent to help out. Food alone is very expensive. Marcy *I think it is totally ridiculous to expect a "CHILD" to pay their parent rent while they are still attending high school. What exactly is the job of a parent? One would think it is to provide the basic necessities of the child, that would include food, clothing and shelter. What kind of parent are you if you expect your kid to pay for things that many would think under the law you are obligated to provide. If a child moves out and requires assistance from the state you are required to pay the state support for that child until they reach 21 years old so how can it be that a child under that age would be expected to pay a parent rent? *They may be able to charge the rent from the child, which is ridiculous, but by law it is considered income to the parents and they would legally have to claim the rent as income on their tax returns. *In many states the parents of a minor are entitled to ALL wages the child earns. You are lucky they let you keep any of it. *Parents are responsible for the support of their children until they are adults or emancipated. If the parents really want the money, the employer in many states is required to send the paycheck to the parents if they request it.

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Q: In the State of New York can a parent make their 17-year-old pay rent if they are claiming the minor child on their taxes?
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Can a noncustodial parent get the child tax credit if the custodial parent is claiming the exemption?

No...only the parent claiming the dependent on their taxes can claim the child tax credit. They go hand in hand.

How can a custodial parent prevent a non custodial parent from claiming the child when there is no court order stating who can claim who?

If you can legitimately claim the child, do so. Let the IRS worry about whether the NCP is claiming the child.

If a divorce is in progress can a parent take a child out of state for weekend?

Yes, but this would not prevent the other parent from claiming parental abduction in order to manipulate the system. But, this usually only works for mothers.

If the custodial parent lives in a different state then the noncustodial parent which state determines child support?

The State in which the child resides.

In state of Ohio can a minor child sue own parent?

No, a minor can not sue their own parent in the state of Iowa. A child can file for emancipation from a parent in the state.

What is the statute of limitations for claiming child support in Ontario Canada?

There is no actual statute of limitations for claiming child support in Ontario, Canada. A parent can ask for child support as long as the child has not yet reached the age of majority.

Can the new spouse claim the child as an exemption?

If you are filing as married and the child's other parent does not claim them, or is disallowed from claiming them.

Can you stop the other parent from claiming the child on taxes if they are behind in child support?

You need to take this matter to the court with jurisdiction.

What happens when child rapes the parent?

When a child rapes the parent the child is charged according to the laws of that state.

If I have Pa Shared custody is it legal to take my child Out of state on Vacation?

Yes, however if the other parent is disruptive, the parent might file a last minute injunction to stop it claiming you are moving away with the child. By the time it's cleared up, vacation is over.

Can the parent without physical custody claim the child on their tax return because he pays child support?

That issue is affected by state laws and court orders and separation agreements. You need to find the answer before claiming the child. In some states the working custodial parent has the right to claim the child as a dependent regardless if the non-custodial parent pays child support in recognition that the parent with custody generally spends more time and money on caring for the child.

What if a Parent agrees to dismiss child support?

Don't ask for it. This is a cause for future problems. The parent could move to another state, than file a retroactive order, claiming fear of abuse for dismissing the previous order.

Can a parent keep a child from the other parent in the state of California during divorce?

can a parent keep a child from the other parent during divorce

Can a child sue a parent for child support?

Not technically. Child support is for a custodial parent to support the child. Check your state laws.

Can a parent move out of state with minor child even if the other parent does not live in the state?

Well, if court says your child does not have to ever see the other parent then yes. But if not then no.

If one parent has sole custody of a child and that parent dies will the living parent get the child?

State laws vary widely in the United States but in almost every state the biological parent has sole rights to custody of the child. If a custodial parent dies the surviving natural parent will normally be granted custody of the child.

What does Ward of the state mean?

a child who, as determined by the State where the child resides, is a foster child, is a ward of the State or is the custody of a public child welfare agency. The term does not include a foster child who has a foster parent who otherwise meets the definition of parent.

State of Nebraska what age can child decide to live with which parent?

in the state of nebraska how old does the child have to be in order to choose which parent they want to live with

Can a parent be liable if their child is a ward of the state?

Liable for what? Which State? In Missouri you can be ordered to pay child support to the State if your child is a ward of the state.

Can child support be transferred to another state?

If the custodial parent moves out of state from where child support is issued do you still have to make payments to that state if the custodial parent lives in another state?

Is it possible to transfer child support order from one state another making the state where the custodial parent and the child reside the state with jurisdiction?

No, it stays in the state of the obligor parent, as it should.

In the state of Nevada can a custodial parent take child out of state without permission from the noncustodial parent?


Can you claim arrears for child support taken from parent if you are 21 or older?

Support is owed to the parent (or the State), not the child.

What age does a parent stopping claiming a child?

18 is when they are considered adults after that if they are in your house they need to rent it out make them pay

What state should child support order be established when non-custodial parent lives in different state from child?

The State where the child lives.