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YES, who spread that rumor? LOL

Texas is a no garnishment state. Therefore they cannot garnish your wages for any reason.

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Q: In the State of Texas can the lender on a repo for the deficiency that is still due after the auction put a lien on your house?
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Where do you get a Car Auction licenses in Texas?

Where do you get a car auction licenses in Texas

With a cross collateralized debt when the vehicle was surrendered can the creditor demand payment for deficiency?

In the state of Texas, yes the creditor can follow for the deficiency balance.

What type of bond is need for car recovery agents in the state of Texas?

Whatever the LENDER requires.

What are the Texas vehicle repossession laws?

If i have a vehicle repossessed in the state of texas, is there anything that requires me to pay off balance after vehicle is sold at auction?

If you are in Foreclosure with a Sheriff sale pending can the lender transfer your loan to a different lender?

In Texas they can.

Are online payday loans legal in Texas?

Yes, online payday loans are legal in the state of Texas. The state features very strict rules for lenders, so you'll have to find a lender that follows these laws properly.

Do bank loan rates vary by state and what are the rates in Texas currently?

Yes, there can be a big difference from state to state as well as bank to bank or lender to lender, so do your homework at Bankrate,com or Right now advertises 4.25% for a 15 year fixed loan.

What happens in Texas if you voluntarily have your car repossessed and money is still owed after the car has been sold at an auction?

Chris, I dont know the answer to the question YET. I will find out today. Email me latyer on and Ill have it for you. What does the lender "say" they will do???

Dose Texas have anti-deficiency law?

As of August 2014, Texas does have an anti deficiency law. Other states with the same law are Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, and Illinois.

You voluntarily surrendered your car it was sold at auction then you were notified it was still in your name and found abandoned in Texas do you have any rights to further money from sheriffs auction?

I assume that you owed money on the car, defaulted, and the car was repossessed by the lender. At the time of auction, the title should have been transferred. The title should have been transferred when the car was sold. The auction house didn't handle the paperwork properly and will have a real mess to straighten out. But that does not entitle you to profit from the sale.

What should you do if the lender obtained a judgment to repossess your motorcycle eight months ago and they have yet to pick up the motorcycle and you are in Wisconsin and the lender is in Texas?

Nothing..... it is the responiblty of the lender to arrange someone in your state to repo the bike (or car). Keep your insurance on the bike just in case something happens to it in the meantime.

Can your car be repoed on private property in the state of Texas?

repossessing a vehicle is NOT tresspassing in any state. It is a LAWFUL reason to be on the property. READ your contract again, you likely gave the lender permission to do so.

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