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If you're a resident UK citizen - yes. If you're visiting the UK - no - you would be expected to pay for treatment if your holiday insurance didn't cover it !

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When was National Health Service created?

National Health Service was created in 1948.

Can you get corns treated on the national health?

can I get treatment for corns on the National Health

How do people get dialysis treatments paid for in England?

Britain's National Health Service provides free treatment.

When was National Health Service - England - created?

National Health Service - England - was created in 1948.

What type of organisation is national health service NHS England?

The NHS (National Health Service) provides free health care for UK residents regardless of income.

Does Brazil have a national health service?

yes it does

When was the national health service established?


What service does the military health service provide?

Full medical care and treatment to soldiers and their families.

What has the author R G S Brown written?

R. G. S. Brown has written: 'The changing National Health Service' -- subject(s): National health services 'Reorganising the National Health Service' -- subject(s): Case studies, Health services administration, National health services, Organizational change

The National Health Service began operating in?


Full form of nhs?

National health service

When does national health care begin?

Guaranteed access to health care has been the custom in the U.S. for decades and has been the law since the 1980s

Does Israel have national healthcare?

Yes it does, and all Israeli citizens - be they Jewish, Muslim, Christian or otherwise are entitled to treatment under the 1995 National Health Insurance Law. The healthcare service is split into four organisations with membership of one mandatory for all Israeli adults (they can change once a year) known as קופת חולים‎ (kupat holim, sick funds). Every member pays a yearly contribution to the organisation of which they are a member in a similar way to the National Health Insurance contributions paid by British people and citizens of other states with a national public health service which pays for treatment.

Which one is largest employment in UK?

national health service

Where can a genetic counselor work?

privately or for the national health service

What is meaning NHS with dental career?

National health service

What year was the national health service introduced into the UK?


What led to population explosion in England?

National Health Service

Do only religious girls do national service?

no, people who can't serve in the army due to health reasons can also do national service

Is the channel isla nds cov ered by the national health service?

no, it has its own health service, i live in the channel islands so i know :)

What has the author Peter A West written?

Peter A. West has written: 'Understanding the National Health Service reforms' -- subject(s): National health services, Health care reform

What is the name of the British Healthcare System?

It is the "National Health Service" (or NHS)

The start of the NHS?

The National Health Service started in July 1948.

What is the British Medical System called?

National Health Service (NHS)

Who was nigel haywood smith?

He founded the NHS (National Health Service)