In the UK what can lenders do if you refuse to pay back an unsecured personal loan?

== == They can take you to court to get a Judgment against you, and if you still do not pay the debt, you can go to jail for "failing to obey a Judge's Order." A judge can also order you to sell property that you own, such as furniture, tv or a car, to liquidate assets into cash, to pay the lender off. This is a very serious thing to have happen and you should do everything in your power to not get into that situation in court. It will ruin your future ability to borrow at all, at any price. No body will want you as a tenant either, as your having been slapped with a Judgment will make you a bad property rental risk as well. You will really pay, may times over, if you don't repay this debt, quickly. Don't let it go to court.