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It is next to impossible that a Dr would perform artificial insemination on a Woman who has never had sex or had her hymen broken.

It is up to the Dr what form of giving birth would be appropriate for you as it depends on many factors, including the health of the mother and baby.


the doc. could brake you hymen and allow you to deliver vaginally but it all depends on your and the baby's health

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How is pregnancy possible for a virgin?

Artificial insemination.

Can you breed a smaller horse to a larger horse?

artificial insemination makes this possible

How do you get your hamster pregnant without a boy?

It isn't possible, unless a veterinarian does artificial insemination.

It is possible for a guinea pig baby to be a different breed to its parents?

No, not without artificial insemination...

Is it possible to get pregnant spiritually?

No. A woman gets pregnant by having sexual intercourse with a man ... or by artificial insemination.

What biotechnological methods make selective breeding in live stock possible?

AI (artificial insemination), and, arguably, genetic engineering.

Artificial insemination is possible to get pregnant?

yes and no sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't it all depends on the woman getting inseminated

Can you get pregnant without anything going in your vagina?

Whilst not normally so, it is possible through Artificial Insemination. This is something that is done medically.

Can a woman get pregnant through artificial insemination with non motile sperm?

I suppose it's possible. You'd need to tilt the pelvis up.

Is Fertilization is NOT possible outside the female reproductive system?

it is possible in labs........the procedure done is called artificial insemination where the sperm and egg are fused together under favorable conditions ...then it is deposited in the female reproductive systm

What would happen if all men turned gay?

Nobody can turn gay, but if it were possible, and if all men turned gay, then reproduction would have to be done mainly through artificial insemination.

Is it possible to have a baby with out a husband?

yes it is, in this day and age a woman can have a baby without getting married, she can opt for artificial insemination or she can decide to have sex with a willing partner without any strings attached.

When was the first artificial insemination birth?

Artificial insemination was first used in the late 1784 in a has now become standard practice in sheep and cattle. In humans it is difficult to say because it is possible people did it for themselves without it being recorded. If you are talking about In vitro fertilisation (test tube baby) the first was called Louise Brown in England 30 years ago. She is now a mother herself, naturally.

Had artificial insemination and now on day 32 and no period yet however the home pregnancy test came out negative can i be pregnant?

false negatives are definitely possible. call your doctor to schedule a blood test.

Is it possible to choose the gender of a baby by having artificial insemination?

Yes, male germ cells carry the gender determining trait. Sperm can be separated into ones that will produce a male and one that will produce a female. That is the basic runthrough of it.

How do you have children if your lesbian?

With current technology it is not possible for two women to conceive a child in any manner. However, lesbians can have children by finding a sperm donor and being impregnated either the old fashioned way or by artificial insemination.

How many virgin births have there been?

Not many??If you discount the religious beliefs of some people then the only possible way is by artificial insemination. Assuming that virginity is defined as never having had sexual relations.If this has happened it has never been recorded.

Is it possible to get pregnant if the man ejacultes outside of the vagina but then you manually put the fluid inside the vagina afterwards?

Yes, it is possible. Sperm can migrate, so it is possible to get pregnant even if the ejaculate lands on the vulva rather than inside the vagina. It is even more possible when you put the fluid in manually! ---------- Yes, that's pretty much how artificial insemination is done.

Can a you use two donors for artificial insemination?

It most likely depends on your timing, sperm will live up to a week in the woman's reproductive vault waiting for ovulation. Once there, it takes "ownership" and will attempt to fight off a donation from another male - knowing this happens, both donations should be done at the same time or as close together as possible.When two gay men use artificial insemination with a surrogate, they may both make a sperm donation - giving both of them an equal chance at being the biological father.I have also heard of doctors telling a couple to have sex, following artificial insemination using donor sperm, if the male has a low sperm count - undoubtedly hoping the "father to be" will donate a few good swimmers to the mix giving him a chance at paternity.

Do bunnies duplicate themselves?

Rabbits reproduce sexually rather than asexually... if that's what you mean? Like most mammals, sperm and ova are required for a rabbit to reproduce. Artificial insemination is hypothetically possible, but isn't necessary because rabbits have a high mating success.

Is it possible to make an artificial ozone layer?

no its not

Is it possible to create a artificial atmosphere on Mars And if yes then how?

It is not currently possible to create an artificial atmosphere on Mars. Even if it was, Mars does not get enough sunlight needed to sustain human life.

Is it possible to make an artificial brain?

I read an article in The Economist about artificial organs. I'm pretty sure they said something about how it may be possible to make a brain, but it would not have memories.

Can condensed milk be made using artificial sweetner?


Is there any island with only women inhabitants?

It is possible, in theory, to exist artificially, but since the presence of men in the natural environment would be required to facilitate human reproduction and the continuity of humans (male or female) on such an island, it could not exist beyond a single generation. So, not possible in nature. Theoretically possible with some type of artificial technology or process such as, migration from the island for procreation purposes, or importation of sperm for use in gender-selective, artificial-insemination procedures. There was a nation, existing only in myth and legend, known as Sarmatia, which was home to the female warriors, known as Amazons. It wasn't an island, however.

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