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Q: In the book The Chrysalids by John Wyndham the three main types of relationships are lovers friends and enemies What characters are examples of each type of relationship?
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What are some examples of social relationships?

One example of a social relationship is the relationship that you have with your favorite department store. This is because social relationships are typically between a human person and an entity.

What are examples of symbiotic relationship?

In Nature, symbiotic relationships are important. Some examples of symbiotic relationships are Ants and Fungi, African Oxpeckers and the various animals they ride on, and Bees and Orchids.

What are some examples of taiga symbiotic relationships?

one symbiotic relationship is lichen and black spruce tree

What are examples of parasitism relationships in the ocean?

Often Whales have intestinal worms whic would be a parisidic relationship

What are some relationships and give examples of how they are used in real life?

Ok, well if you mean some examples of relationships - how about the relationship between parents and children, between husband and wife, between a dog and a person?

The examples of different relationship that exist in the ecosystem?

There are six ecological relationships in which two are oppositional and four are symbiotic. The oppositional relationships are predation and competition and the symbiotic relationships are mutualism, commensalism, amensalism, and parasitism.

What are examples of a Parasitic relationship?

Tapeworms and fleas are some good examples of parasitic relationships. They live in or on the body of the host, harming the host but benefiting themselves.

What are examples of symbiotic competitive relationships?

A competitive relationship is when two different animal species are fighting for the same services of the environment.

How do your roles and relationship influence your communication?

In what ways do your roles and relationships influence your communication? Provide specific examples to support your explanation.

What is the theme in heartbeat by Sharon creech?

The main theme in the book "Heartbeat" by Sharon Creech is relationships. Throughout the story, there are several relationship examples.

What are the key characteristics of a tragic relationship?

There are many different types and examples of tragic relationships. However, any one might have distance between the two characters, irony of place and time such as in Romeo and Juliet, and a reason that the two people cannot be together. The distance between characters can be socially, in time and space, or emotionally.

What are examples of symbiotic relationships in mangrove estuaries?

A symbiotic relationship is a relationship were two different organisms benefit from each other. The bacteria Listonella anguillarum and Vibrio campbellii have a symbiotic relationship to the mangrove trees in estuaries.

Examples of what would not be acceptable in terms of your relationships with service users?

Examples of what would not be acceptable in terms of your relationships with serviceusers

What are symbiotic relationships with taiga?

There are many examples or symbiotic relationships with taiga. A few of these examples are lichens, trees, food and algae.

Give 5 examples of animal relationships?


What are examples of parasitism relationships in the savannas?


Examples of predator-prey relationships?

Cat-and-mouse is a commonly recognized predator-prey relationship. Mountain lion and deer is another. Hawk and dove is another.

What are some examples of relationships?

There are marriages, family relationships, neighborhood and community relationships, sexual relationships, open relationships, complicated relationships, casual relationships, business relationships, professional relationships, long distance relationships, internet relationships, dependency relationships, and good friends.

What are some examples of parasitic relationships?

fleas on a dog

What are 3 examples of parasitic relationships?

A few examples of parasites are tapeworms, fleas, and barnacles.....

What do parasitism do?

Parasitism is a symbiotic relationship between two organisms in which only one organism benefits. Some examples od parasitic relationships are dog roundworms and tapeworms in humans.

What symbiotic relationship does a king cobra have with another animal? doin a project and the Question is, What kinds symbotic relationships does your specie encounter? explain with accurate information and examples..

What are examples of socioemotional processes?

Self-concept and the way we develop relationships with others are examples of ______________ processes

What are examples of competitive relationships in the tropical rainforest?

Ocelot and Puma

What are examples of quadratic relationships in the news?

The rise and decline of crime.