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In Chrysalids people are violent because they intend to kill each other whatever it costs them.

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Q: In the book the chrysalids how are the people violent?
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Who is Uncle Axel in The Chrysalids?

he is a family friend of the Strorms in the book chrysalids

Is there a movie on the book the chrysalids?


What were the old people like in the Chrysalids?

The Chrysalids is set on a post-apocalyptic future Earth, so the old people are us... the people who used to live on the Earth, and who eventually caused the probably-nuclear apocalypse that led to the future presented in the book.

How many pages in the book chrysalids?

The Chrysalids is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, on the island of Labrador.

In the book the Chrysalids what do you think the high bank is?

Your mother

What are some motifs in The Chrysalids?

'Actually there are no motifs with in the chrysalids but I will advise you to read the book than to take someone's wrongful judgement.' ..are you kidding? motifs are ideas or themes that are constantly present in a book. EVERY book will have motifs. some of The Chrysalids' motifs include fear, blaspheme, intolerance and telepathy.

Was the chrysalids a popular book when it first came out?

Yes. alot of people loved it for it's creative characters and interesting plot.

The book Chrysalids was written by what author?

Yes, it is set in a future post-apocalyptic version of earth. The "old" people they discuss are us, and we have destroyed our world probably with nuclear weapons. The radiation could be what causes all the mutations.

What could be an alternate ending for the book 'The Chrysalids'?

when alex betrays david

How did the old people die in the Chrysalids?


What is Nicholson's repentances?

assuming you are talking about The Chrysalids, it is a book that the people of Waknuk treat like the bible. It basically states a bunch of different guidelines for them to follow.

What is the climax in the chrysalids?

when the fringes people descover david and his group