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That will just depend on what one another wants and if he is interested in talking to you in that manner. You will only know if you talk to him and see where things stand between you.

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What happens in the alternate ending of the breakup?

The alternate end of breakup leads to reunion of the couple.

What is a breakup?

A "breakup" is the termination of a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend. It is not always a final or permanent ending, and for some couples it can become a cycle of splitting up and getting back together. For others, it often impacts one of the pair more than the other, depending on the emotional attachment.

Who was the person closest to ending the undertakers record?

Shawn michaels

What is a cutting tool ending with Z?

There isn't one. The closest is adze.

What is the difference between dumping someone ending a relationship and a breakup?

They mean all the same things - in the final round your relationship is over.

What does it mean when people say its not you its me?

"It's not you, it's me" is told to someone that you are ending a romantic relationship with, to tell them that the reason for the breakup is not something that they did wrong, it is a problem that you are having with the relationship. This is done so that the breakup does not appear to blame the other person, which would put them on the defensive and/or start an arguement.

What rhymes with intergrity?

Other than two syllable ("it-ee") ending words about the closest I can get is: secretary

Words ending in up?


Do Bella become a vampire at the beginning or end of breaking dawn?


What is a four letter word ending with n for become a member?


Ending an engagement. Who gets the ring?

The ring is returned to the giver. Answer First, sorry about the breakup. It is proper to return the ring, but if the recipient chooses not to, it is classiest for the guy not to argue about it. This is undoubtedly a sexist tradition.

Who will win a fight out of undertaker and Randy Orton?

Maybe Randy orton Because Him and Triple H were closest to ending his wrestlemania streak

When was the closest Earth has ever been to ending?

Besides the flood of Noah's time the Cuban Missil Crisis came pretty close.

What is the closest to the center of a spreading axis on the sea floor carbonate ooze silceous pillow lavas or turbidites?

Some thing that ha an ending too it self.

What is the distance between india and america?

Depends on your starting and ending points- both countries are quite large. The closest distance between the two is 8,448 miles.

Is miley hot to Nick Jonas?

maybe. because they were dating and stuff.but they broke up and now miley is with Justin. besides miley and nicks breakup was in July might be their last relationship ending...and there may be ni begining.

What is the Potential of a computer?

Infinite. A computer has no limits, thus its potential to become better is never ending.

What if you and your boyfriend of 6 years broke up because school was ending then at a party were all over each other but he didnt make an effort to get back with you what does that mean?

It seems to mean that the chemistry (or the habit) still works, but not enough to undo the breakup.

What are the endings on Star Wars the force unleashed?

ending a is to fight the emporer and die to become a jedi.ending b is to fight lord Vader and become a sith stalker

What is a cool two person ending cheer pose?

Stand back to back. Twist your arms together but hand on hip pop up legs closest to audience

Do operas often have unhappy endings?

On the whole, most opera`s have a tragic ending, but operettas seem to have a happy ending. The tragis ending in the operas` seem to get the audience to become so involved that as the curtian closes for the final, they start to get a standing ovation.

What part of speech does a word ending in ment become?

Usually, words ending in "-ment" are nouns. For example, take the root word "commit", which is a verb. Add "-ment". You get "commitment". This is a noun.

What is the ending of the 39 clues?

Well problably when they become the most powerful person in the world like it said

What were the reasons for the great plague ending?

The Fire of London was a major fact bringing the plague to its minimun point on the 1665 outbreak which was a major outbreak.

Will a black hole form in our solar system?

No, the sun is too small to become a black hole, it will eventually become a brown dwarf, ending it's life cycle.