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In the game of Yahtzee a full house is worth 25 points. A full house consists of 2 dice with the same number and three dice with the same numbers.

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Q: In the game of Yahtzee what is a full house worth?
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In the game yahtzee how much is a full house worth?

25 points (:

Full house in the game Yahtzee?

As in poker, a Full House is a roll where you have both a 3 of a kind, and a pair. Full houses score 25 for help with Yahtzee:

What is the duration of Yahtzee game show?

The duration of Yahtzee - game show - is 1560.0 seconds.

When did Yahtzee - game show - end?

Yahtzee - game show - ended in 1988-09.

Is yatzee a full house?

In the game of Yahtzee, five of a kind can be scored as a Yahtzee, as four of a kind, as three of a kind, as "Chance", or as a full house in the lower section, or as 5 of whatever number in the upper section.The only reasons to ever score it as anything other than a Yahtzee are:You already HAVE a YahtzeeYou've already "taken a zero" for your YahtzeeIn very rare cases, if using it in the upper section is the difference between you making the 63 points required for the bonus or not

When was Yahtzee - game show - created?

Yahtzee - game show - was created on 1988-01-11.

Do you have to get a yahtzee in one roll?

No, in the game of yahtzee you get 3 rolls to get whatever you want

What does yahtzee mean?

In the board game Yahtzee, a Yahtzee is a five-of-a-kind, when all five dice show the same value.

In the game of Yahtzee do you get 3 rolls to get a yahtzee?

Yes. In Yahtzee you get three rolls to get whatever you are trying for.You can only do each thing once except for getting a Yahtzee

What game begins with a y?


What kind of game is yahtzee?

It's a dice game, I think. :)

What is the highest score from a yahtzee game?


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