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Do you mean in hooking up for aerial sound, that there is a wire with an eyelet?


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Eyelet is a type of material, similar to lace, usually a holey fabric.

There several eyelet setting kits on the market with complete instructions, some of the newer eyelet kits are not as effective as the older ones, the most common problem is the wrong size hole for the size eyelet, what ever size eyelet you use, use the proper size hole (most kits have hole dies for that size eyelet) and follow included instructions.

An eyelet is a small round hole in leather or cloth for threading a lace, string, or rope through.

Islet is a homophone for eyelet. An islet is a small island. An eyelet is a small round hole in a piece of cloth or leather that is used for threading rope, lace or string through. Eyelets are usually round metal rings.

There are several types of eyelet setter. The simplest is a tap and die used with a small hammer. It punches a hole, and pinches down the eyelet. More complex units use a pull down handle to accomplish the same job.

Islet eyelet It violet

Eyelet is the homophone of islet. sells a few different shirts with the eyelet/collar bar option. Still looking for more!

I think it is called an eyelet

2 syllables:eyelet3 syllables:violett

Unless they are screwed in these days they can usually be simply pulled out. Just put something thin between the pool wall and the eyelet and forse it gently outwards it should start to move quite easily.

rivet is what it's called.. i don't know anyother name for it.. :)

There are no tow hooks on the Prius, but there is a "towing eyelet" in the toolbox with the spare tire. The eyelet goes into a plastic-covered hole on the driver's side of the front bumper, allowing the Prius to be towed slowly for a short distance.

Balangkas,Satin,Hating Satin,Eyelet At Iba Pa

For ventilation. Our feet sweat during running and the holes let that moisture escape.

It sounds like you're talking about the eyelet which goes at the end of a gun cleaning rod. A cleaning patch is inserted through the eyelet, and the whole thing is run through the barrel, in order to swab out carbon deposits and other dirt, dust, etc.

Why don't you use your eyelet hole punch to put holes in and use wire for the whiskers?

you could search it on the internet or on the ikea website on some of them housecare shops. Those massive

What the couple enjoyed when they were bumped to first class.Answer: A FLIGHT OF "FANCY" (hyena, taffy, eyelet, facing)

A tire jack & iron (wrench) should be tucked in the rear compartment (cargo area); pull the rubber plug off the spare tire eyelet; simply fit the elongated tire iron (wrench) to the spare tire eyelet located in the floor; fit the jack on the tire iron and turn counter-clockwise; the tire will begin to lower.

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