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Michael and Sandy are cousins in the movie "Grease." Michael doesn't actually appear in the first "Grease" movie, only in the sequel.

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Is Micheal from the movie grease 2 related to sandy from grease?

yes he is sandy's cousin

In the movie 'Grease' where was Sandy from?

Sandy was from Australia.

Where is sandy from the movie grease?

Sandy moved in from Australia

Who plays sandy in grease the musical?

Olivia Newton-John was Sandy in the movie Grease. and Carole Demas on Broadway

What is the name of the cheerleader in the movie grease?


What are all the characters in grease is the word?

sandy and Danny if you are talking about grease the movie.

What was Sandy's last name in Grease?

in the play its Sandy Dumbrowski! in the movie its Sandy Olsson

What does the jock say to Sandy at the bonfire in the movie grease?

Jock: "Hi." sandy: "Hi." Jock: "How are you?" Sandy: "Fine."

Did Michelle pfeiffer made the movie grease as sandy?

No, Sandy was played by Olivia Newton-John.

Who played sandy in the movie grease?

Olivia Newton John

In the movie Grease what does Danny give Sandy in the car?

His ring.

Who made out in the movie grease?

Kenickie- Rizzo Danny- Sandy

Where does sandy from grease live?

where does sandy live from grease

In the movie Grease where did Sandy come from?

In the movie Grease, with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, I believe Sandy came from Sydney, Australia. I'm not sure about Sydney, but I am sure that she came from Australia.

In The Movie Grease How many songs did Sandy sing alone?

Sandy sings 2 songs on her own!

How many cigarettes did sandy smoke altogether in the movie grease?


Who are the main carachters from Grease the movie?

sandy olsen and Danny zuko

Who are the main characters of grease the movie?

Danny, Sandy, Frenchie, Kniki

What school do Sandy and Danny attend in the movie Grease?

rydell high

What song did sandy sing at the end of the movie grease?

We go together

Who gave up the part of Sandy in the movie Grease?

Marie Osmond

Is Frenchie related to Sandy in Grease?

No, and frenchie is a pink lady rizo said in the movie "she's to pure to be pink" after frenchie asked her if she could join

What colour heels does sandy wear at the school carnival in the movie grease?


In the movie GREASE what song did Danny and Sandy sing in the beginning?

Summer lovein'.

Surname of Sandy in 'Grease'?


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