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Mercutio is not just comic relief. He has purpose in this play. He is Romeo's friend and confidante. He longs for peace between the two houses, and rightly points out to Romeo, that his love with Juliet will only end in tragedy.

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What is the adjective of the word clash?

The adjective form for the verb to clash is the present particple clashing; for example, clashing personalities or clashing dishes.

What is a sentence using the word clashing?

From my vantage point on the hill, I watched the two armies clashing.

What is the adjective for the verb clash?


What are some metaphors for clashing?

Perseus and the Kraken =)

Clashing quality of musical notes?

This is called dissonance.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Sound of Clashing Scabbards - 2012?

The cast of The Sound of Clashing Scabbards - 2012 includes: Ryuhei Higashiyama Chikara Motoyama Ayami Ohishi

What are the release dates for True Life - 1998 I'm Clashing with My Parents?

True Life - 1998 I'm Clashing with My Parents was released on: USA: 15 November 2009

What gateway did Jason use to The Sea of Monsters?

The Clashing Rocks.

When is the majority right?

In a dispute of clashing opinions, NOT in a dispute of a fact.

Does clashing with a cultec hurl hurt?

Not really. You do have to get used to them first

What rhymes with cashing?

clashing, bashing, making, baking, swimming...

What kind of bird did Jason use to trigger the clashing rocks?

A dove.

What issue causes conflict in Quebec?

French and British cultures clashing.

What logo has clashing bulls and a yellow circle?

redbull energy drink

Is this sentence torrents were clashing to houses after heavy rain correct?


What has the author Carol Levine written?

Carol Levine has written: 'Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Bioethical Issues (Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Bio-Ethical Issues)' 'Making Room for Family Caregivers' 'Clashing Views on Controversial Bioethnical Issues (Taking Sides Series)' 'Always On Call' 'A Death in the Family'

What is the synonyms of contrary?

opposite, different, opposed, clashing, couter, reverse, antithesis

What happens to the dove when it went through the clashing rocks?

miley cirus comes

What is the draw back of a Church council?

there could be possible discord and clashing opinions.

Clashing of two moral values constitutes a?

Speaking in general terms, the clashing of two moral values is accurately described as a "moral dilemma." Such clashes may occur in an individual's life or thought, in an institution, or even for a society as a whole.

What are synonyms for conflicting?

incompatible, opposing, clashing, contrary, contradictory, inconsistent, paradoxical, discordant

What does clashing notes mean in music?

Probably an interval that is not aurally pleasing, such as a minor second.

What was the first problem to happen in the Roman Empire?

It found itself clashing with its ally Carthage in Sicily.

How do mountains grow?

mountains grow by tetonic plates clashing together and growning upward by mark rochester

What sound does a cymbal make?

The cymbol makes a clashing, crashing sound when you bang them together. Peace LOL!:)