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Yes. Only marraige can make the alimony dissolve. However, your ex can take you to court and have the alimony reduced if he can prove your situation has improved by moving in with someone. It has happened and I have seen it go both ways.

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Q: In the state of Illinois can you live with someone while you are receiving alimony from your ex?
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If a person receives alimony can the person paying the alimony legally withhold the alimony payments if the recipient is living with someone?

In the US, no, a person cannot legally withhold alimony they've been ordered to pay. Of course they can petition the court to have the alimony terminated based on the fact that the recipient is living with someone else. Rather or not the court will do that, depends on the state laws.

How do you enforce payment of court ordered alimony when the ex spouse is receiving unemployment or disability payments through the state of California?

You need to ask the court who ordered the alimony for help or an explanation of how to do it yourself. Also, see the Related Question below for more information.

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Can a woman get welfare and alimony?

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There should be no effect on child support nor, if you're the obligor, on your alimony obligation. If you're the obligee, your alimony will likely terminate.

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if i am paying alimony in florida and move to new jersey can i stop paying alimony to my ex wife

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You will have to hire an attorney to get alimony in the state of South Carolina. The attorney will file papers in court and judge will have final say over the matter.

How long do you have to pay alimony in the state of Alabama?

When a couple divorces, alimony is often ordered as part of the divorce settlement. In the state of Alabama, if a couple was married less than10 years, alimony is paid for half the number of years of marriage. If married longer than ten years, alimony could continue until the spouse dies or remarries.

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