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In the state of Indiana how does one go about getting a misdemeanor class c removed or expunged from public record?



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If you were over 18 at the time of the conviction, you cannot get the conviction expunged or removed from your record. You could try to go back to the state court and ask the judge to set aside the conviction or enter a lesser conviction; but you would most likely need the prosecutor to agree to this because if you take the case to the court on merits alone, you will likely lose. You could ask the Governor for pardon. A Class C Misdemeanor is pretty insignificant in the whole scope of things. It does little to effect employment or other aspects of life. Most folks are concerned with felonies or offenses of dishonesty. I wouldn't spend the time or money on a Class C Misdemeanor. Always be honest if you are ask whether you have ever been arrested or have any convictions; when you tell them the offense is a Class C Misdemeanor, they will likely be okay with it. Good luck.