In the state of Minnesota if your car is repossessed do you have the right to obtain the personal property that was in that vehicle?


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You have the right to your personal property in any state! repossession agency's are supposed to mail you a letter of inventory but they never do.... what you can be sure they will do is over charge you to get you stuff back 25-75 dollars, they will almost always call it a inventory fee but that's bull! try my website we cover this topic and many more, you can also speak with an consultant because if we had more info like a banks name and so on you would not pay a dime for your personal property , and also they would be out of business GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS

Sorri,only 2(TWO) states that I know of require the repo company to mail you a notice by law. CA & FL. They also require the repo companys to charge you a fee for an inventory. I looked at the alledged repoman site, NO info available. Maybe I am too dumb to find it OR I am too smart to pay money for things I can find for free on states websites. ????


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Just the motorhome. Any personal property inside the motorhome remains yours, and they may not take it. In most states, however, they may charge a storage fee for personal property which was removed from the repossessed vehicle.

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yes they are yours.You may have to pay a reasonable fee if and this is a big IF ....the repo co. has cataloged and stored your personal property.

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You have the right to reclaim personal property during the normal business hours of the establishment where the vehicle is impounded. The company storing the vehicle must take inventory of and proper protection of such property under the "in bailment" laws of the state where the vehicle was seized.

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If you take your personal property before the vehicle is picked up, you can keep it. If you voluntarily turn in the vehicle you get to keep anything you want. If they have to hunt it down and tow it off, you're just out of luck. They'll throw away anything that was in it and if someone picks it up, it's theirs.This is not true.. The creditor must account for all personal belongings found in a repossessed car.. The below answer came from the following site..."What happens to personal property left in my car?Personal property does not apply to improvements made to the car, such as a CD Player, stereo or luggage rack. It only applies to items not connected to the vehicle. The creditor or whoever repossessed the car CANNOT keep or sell any personal property found inside. If the creditor or whoever repossessed the car cannot account for personal property left in the vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation and should consult with an attorney"

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