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Thanks Mackey for the added info. Marcy Sounds like your husband is a fair amount older than this 16 year old and he could well have charges of Statutory Rape laid against him. I am disgusted with the fact he would dump this poor young girl (you aren't dealing with an adult here) and he feels he can just run off on his merry little way and perhaps back to you? First off, kick your husband to the curb and you get on with your life. The way he is handling this situation with this 16 year old is telling you a lot about his personality. He's spineless! You only know about it because he's in trouble and big trouble! Yes, he can give up parental rights, but he should be paying child support and you should be encouraging this. He got himself into this mess, and more importantly there is an innocent baby on the way that didn't ask to be brought into this mess. A man SHOULD face his mistakes and pay that child support. Personally, if he doesn't take some responsibility I hope he goes to jail! Marcy * Termination of his parental rights is the least of his worries. Statutory rape, sexual battery and other such felony charges may be possible depending upon the AOC in the state where the incident occurred. In addition to those noted there are still many other offenses both criminal and civil that can be brought against him. He can also have a civil suit brought against him by the minor's parents. All states reserve the right to charge and prosecute any adult involved in any relationship with a minor. The cooperation of the minor, the minor's parents or legal guardian are not needed for the adult to be brought to trial for such offenses as; corruption of the morals of a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, exposing a minor to pornography, alcohol, drugs; aiding the minor in committing truancy, and on and on and on. It has been my experience in these type of cases that prosecutors are not hesitant about bringing them to trial, and judges take great pleasure in handing down the maximum sentences if the adult is convicted.

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Q: In the state of New Jersey can a married man give up his parental rights to a child that is from an affair he had with a 16-year-old?
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