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In the state of New Jersey if you are not a biological parent does the court have the right to consider your income with your wife's for child support?

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2007-07-14 12:54:03

Hi, unfortunately yes, only if your married and the two of you

file a joint income tax return, you can file separate tax returns,

but in most cases one, or both of you could end up paying anyways.

Plus when the two of you file together the courts will end up

overriding a return and taking it for any back support owed, if $

is due on the return, 99% of newly married couples who are getting

a $ return thru IRS, just go-ahead and allow IRS to take the return

to get caught back up on support owed. So the next year's return

might not hurt so bad and possable get a little back. Now if the

support is up to date on payments, your best bet would be file

married but filing separate. (only if your getting back..) Good


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