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In Florida you publish a notice in the city newspaper she is know to live in and it might be the same in Oklahoma. Consult the divorce laws with a paralegal who will do it for a small fee. File for divorce based on abadonment.

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Q: In the state of Oklahoma how can a man get a divorce from his wife who lives in California and will not sign the papers?
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How do you file for divorce if you live in Florida but your husband lives in California?

court papers delivered legally by sheriffs

Can your Nigerian husband who lives in nigeria divorce you and you live in the US without receiving any divorce papers what so ever from his attorney or the court?

no he can not eventually he has to get the papers sooner or later.

Can you get a divorce in a California court if you and your wife are greencard holders and have lived apart for the past 3 years and you live in California while she lives in New York?

Yes, you can get a divorce even though you live in California and she lives in New York.

Spouse lives in Arkansas and I live in CA what state do you file divorce papers?

File where you live. Doesn't matter where spouse lives.

Your brother is in jail in California and he wants to divorce his wife who lives in Mississippi what can he do and how does it work from jail not prison?

He can have someone buy the correct papers from the court, send them to him and he can fill them out and send them to the correct place to file.

I live in Florida. How do you divorce someone who lives in Honduras?

You will have to go to the Honduras embassy in the U.S.A and then submit the papers for divorce. They will then send it and proceed with the paper.

Can you divorce your husband who California and you moved to Arizona?

Yes. It doesn't matter where he lives. You file for divorce wherever you live.

Where do the All American Rejects live?

Tyson lives in California, Nick lives in Florida, and Mike and Chris live in Oklahoma. They're all originally from Oklahoma.

How Can you get a divorce in the state of Kentucky if your husband lives out of state and refuses to sign divorce papers and says he will never sign the papers?

Answer What I know about divorce papers is that they require two signatures, one from you the other from your husband, and if he doesn't sign the divorce papers, it doesn't matter he is no longer in the State where you live, if he doesn't sign the papers you can't get your divorce. There is also common law marriages where two people can live together for as long as they want and divorced or not, you can still live with another man. There's no law against it.

Husband lives in Trinidad having trouble reaching to serve papers how do I get a divorce?

If your husband is now living in Trinidad and you are facing a lot of problems to reach him You could do one thing get it, that is the divorce papers through the embassy over there.

When can you start dating after a divorce in Kansas?

Whether one lives in Kansas or any other State once the divorce papers are signed an individual can date immediately.

How do you file for divorce if you live in the US and your spouse lives in Bermuda?

Tell your spouse to come to the US, or send him the papers.

If live in California US and my husband lives in Panama can he file for a Panamanian divorce?

No, I don't think so. The marriage would first have to be REGISTERED in Panama and for that he would need the original marriage papers. Then, he could "divorce" you and undo the Panama marriage. Still, it would only be a valid divorce for Panama - not the US. If the last place of residence where you 2 lived is California (you never lived in Panama with him & registered the marriage there), the divorce would need to be filed in California for it to be a divorce that the US recognizes. You can check this info, but I'm pretty sure it's accurate.

Which divorce papers do you use if you live in Nevada and your wife lives in California you have no property to divide?

If there are children of the marriage, it's best to file where the children are located. If there are no children, you should file in whatever state you last resided together.

Should you date a man while he is separated from his wife who he no longer lives with?

no he is still a maried man, wait intil the divorce papers are signed.

How does a person file for divorce if they live in France and their spouse lives in the United States?

In most countries it is usually the same process. You must file for divorce in France and they will require that you serve them with the divorce papers and this is accomplished with your spouses signature as proof that he received the divorce papers. One thing...It DOES NOT have to be his/her signature as receiving the papers. For example if it is sent to where your spouse works any signature will do as it is understood that your spouse was the final recipient of the divorce papers. If his personal or business address is NOT KNOWN then you will be required to publish in the last city where your spouse was known to live or you believe he/she is living an article stating that you have filed for divorce. In the USA it is usually a 4-6 month process. It may vary in France.

Does Blake Garrett live in Oklahoma?

he lives in Oklahoma

How do you serve divorce papers on someone who lives in Egypt?

If you know his/her address, you should get an Order for Special Process Server appointing someone in Egypt (can be ANYONE over 18 that is not related to the parties) to serve the divorce papers on the respondent. The process server will have to mail the documents and type out an affidavit of service stating that he served the respondent.

What percentage of the total US population lives in Oklahoma?

1.20% of the total US population lives in Oklahoma.

How do you get a divorce without knowing where your spouse currently lives what are the first steps?

Simple Part I.....file your divorce papers with the since you can't have the person served, you must publish it in the newspaper, that is, the last know town your x spouse lived in, for I believe 30 days. Then you can proceed on with your divorce.

How do you file for divorce when you live somewhere and your ex lives somewhere else 3 hours away?

Your lawyer can take care of that for you as they will have them served with their papers but definitely talk to your lawyer concerning this.

Where does Garth brooks live in Oklahoma?

garth brooks lives in Owaso, Oklahoma

Do bobcats or lynxes live in Oklahoma?

The bobcat is the only lynx that lives in Oklahoma.

How can a US citizen get a divorce from a Mexican citizen?

The U.S. citizen files divorce proceedings in the U.S. county where he or she lives and the fact that the defendant is a Mexican citizen does not prevent the plaintiff from obtaining a judgment of divorce. If the Mexican spouse is not physically present in the United States, that will make it more difficult to serve necessary court papers, but not impossible.

Your husband was deported to el salvador and you have been separated for 19 years and have lived your own lives you would like to remarry and want a divorce he is in el salvador and you are in califor?

If you were married in California, you should be able to file for divorce there.