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You are not responsible for any debt from your late step-grandpa.

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2006-04-05 22:48:44
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Q: In the state of Oregon do I have to pay for my deceased step-grandpa's assisted living home past due rent there is no money property or will I did have POA but I was never finacially responsible 4 him?
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Are children responsible for the debts of their deceased mother in Illinois?

The estate of the deceased is responsible for the debt.

Is the spouse of a deceased cosigner responsible for the debt?

The ESTATE is responsible.

Is the surviving child responsible for deceased none medical bills?

Is the surviving child responsible for deceased none medical bills?

Is husband responsible for medical bills of my deceased wife in Illinois?

If the deceased person is your wife then I think you are responsible for her medical bills

Are the parents of a deceased adult child with no estate responsible for paying unpaid debt?

No, if they were not joint debtor's with the deceased they are not responsible for any of his or her debts.

Is the surviving spouse responsible for deceased spouse's medical bill in California?

Unless the spouse signed any documents incurring liability for the deceased's medical bills, they are not responsible. The deceased's ESTATE is responsible for the medical bills, and all other obligations owed by the deceased at the time of their death.

Who is responsible for deceased spouse's debt in Florida?

The estate of the deceased is responsible in Florida. The executor is responsible for listing all assets and debts. The debts are paid and anything left is distributed.

Is a spouse responsible for deceased spouses medical bills?

No - a person's debts die with them. The spouse of a deceased person is not responsible fofr their outstanding bills.

Is the personal representative responsible for the deceased's debts?


Is my mother responsible for my deceased father's medical bills?

The estate of the deceased is responsible for the debts. Your mother will indirectly have to resolve the debts before the assets are released.

Who is responsible for my deceased husbands medical bills in Florida?

Technically the estate is responsible for all the debts of the deceased. The spouse, through the estate, has to pay off the debts.

What are the UK laws regarding the debts of a deceased person Who pays them off?

The estate of the deceased is responsible for paying all the deceased's lawful debts.

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