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It actually depends upon what type of municipal ordinance (if any) is in place that pertains to the issue. When it pertains to sewer lines it is often not the tree roots that caused the original damage; but that the line was already ruptured and allowed roots to enter. The generaly consensus is of common law in which the land owner has no duty to those outside his property to correct natural conditions. There is also the legal presumption that the neighbor whose property has been infringed on has the option of "self-help" to correct the problem. This does not mean the person whose property has been damaged cannot pursue litigation, simply that it is unlikely they will be successful. The best option might be to speak with the owner of the property and try to come to an equitable agreement, perhaps sharing the cost of repairs.

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If you let a friend drive your car and they crashed are they liable in Pennsylvania?

The owner of the vehicle will be held responsible for the damage. The owner certainly has the right to go after the driver for compensation.

Who pays for damage to car if the person is not the owner?

The person who is found to be at fault or liable pays for the damage.

Who is liable when a neighbors tree falls?

It depends on what made the tree fall. If the tree is dead, then the owner of the tree is liable. If a tornado caused it to blow over it is considered a natural act and no one is liable.

If the driver of a car is liable for an accident who is liable the owner of the car or the driver's insurance company?

The owner of the car is liable for the accident itself and the damage. However, the insurance company might have to pay for it, depending on the owners insurance cover.

Who is liable for tree root damage?

owener of property tree is on The owner of the property where the tree is on.

Who is liable for any ingury or damage caused by reckless or negligent operation of a vessel?

the owner

A tree fell on your car at a friends house but they say the tree is on the neighbors property how can you prove whose property the tree is on?

It does not matter who the tree belongs too because neither one is liable for the damage to your car. A property owner is not liable for an act of nature and homeowners insurance does not cover automobiles. Your comprehensive auto insurance will cover your vehicle for damage from an act of nature.

If a stolen vehicle hits your car is the owner's insurance company liable?

The thief of the car is responsible, not the owner of the car. How can the owner control his car being stolen? However, if the owner or person in charge of the vehicle left the keys in the ignition, liabilty may attach in some jurisdictions.

If a Neighbors dog breaks through fence who pays for damage?

The owner(s) of the dog assume full responsibility.

Your rotten tree fell on your neighbors home who covers the damage?

Normally, our own home insurance covers damage to our own home regardless of where the tree came from. However. If your neighbor can establish negligence on the part of the neighboring tree owner, then they can hold the tree owner liable, In which case the tree owners home insurance policy would have to pay for damages to the neighbors home that resulted from negligence. In such a case of established negligence. The tree owners home insurance policy would most likely be cancelled due to a moral hazard.

Who is Liable of personal vehicle used for job?

The driver and the owner is liable.

When drag racing or joyriding who is liable?

the driver and the owner is liable for anything

Who is liable for my adult daughter's car accident?

Who is the owner of the car your adult daughter was driving, you or her? If you, you can both be liable. Her as the driver, and you as the owner of the vehicle

Who is liable for damages from an hit-and-run unlicensed driver and the insured owner of the vehicle was the passenger?

Both the Driver and the Owner are liable for the damages. The driver, whether licensed or not is the primarily liable party. The insured passenger owner is secondarily liable for damages by the unlicensed driver he permitted to operate his vehicle.

Who pays if your tree falls on neighbors uninsured vehicle?

That's what auto insurance is for. Your neighbors auto insurance will have to cover his damages. In the United States. A property owner is not liable for acts of nature. It's no different than if his own tree fell on his car or if he was parked on a public street or if a tree was blown in from a national Forest down the road. No One is liable for an act of nature.

Who is responsible for tree trimming in a rental property?

Unless there is a written agreement, the owner of the property is responsible for tree trimming and generally liable for damage caused by trees.

Who was the leader and owner of pennsylvania-?

Th owner and leader of the state of Pennsylvania was William Penn.

When a tree falls on both your property and neighbors who is responsible by law?

It depends on the laws of your country. In the United States at least, no one is held liable for acts of nature, so you would each deal with your bit of the damage to your property (claim on your home owners insurance). In the UK, the owner of the tree would likely be liable. That would be the owner of the ground on which the tree was growing. Again the thing to do is claim on your home owners insurance and leave it to the insurance company to decide who was responsible. Also, See related questions below.

Who is responsible for damage if a neighbors gazebo lands on your home?

the owner of the gazebo if they were negligent the maintenance of it. Your homeowners insurance would cover the damage. However, some insurance companies provide up to $500 for property damage to coverage others absent of liability.

Is the bank liable for HOA fees in Florida on foreclosed homes?

The owner is liable for assessments -- regardless of the state. If the owner is a bank, based on a foreclosure, then yes, the bank is liable for assessments during the time that the bank holds title to the property.

Who is liable when a tree limb falls on my car?

In general, Nobody is liable for an act of nature. Your auto insurance comprehensive coverage would cover damages to your car. A property owners insurance will not cover damage to your vehicle unless you could prove willful negligence. This is because a property owner is not liable for an act of nature.

Who is liable in an accident - the owner of the vehicle or her son?

the owner of the vehicle is always responceable in this situation..

Does the owner of a parked car that hits another parked car liable for damages?

Yes. You are responsible for parking your vehicle in a way that damage will not be caused to another's vehicle. So say you park on a hill and the vehicle rolls back and hits another vehicle, you are liable.

Who is liable for a minor driving a racing quad bike on private land with owner of bike but minor ends up seriously hurt?

The Bike Owner is Liable if he allowed the minor to operate the bike unknown to the parent.The Parent is Liable if the parent was aware and allowed the minor child to operate the bike.The Owner of the land is Not Liable unless you could show that he caused the injuries..

Can a co-owner on a checking account be liable for using money from an estate not settled?

Yes, the co-owner would be legally liable for using money in the account from an estate that was not settled.