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Only Christians in turkey celebrate Christmas.


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Turkey it is a legal to celebrate Christmas if u are Turkish it is only people from other parts of the world that is aloud to celebrate Xmas in turkey

Celebrating Christmas was created in 2005.

AnswerCelebrating Christmas actually started in Italy.

Australians began celebrating Christmas from the time of the first European settlement, in 1788.

Your Life - 1999 Celebrating Christmas was released on: USA: 2000

His name was Jesus Christ (christmas is celebrating his birth and Easter is celebrating his death)

Christmas is a time of festivity in the family or the community celebrating and having Christmas dinner together. Turkey is a big fowl and can be served to many people unlike a smaller bird like a duck or chicken.Similarly pork meat is tender and from a medium sized animal suitable for a large gathering.

Turkey has no Christmas tradition.People in Turkey who celebrate Christmas do same things as other people who celebrate Christmas.

They always have celebrated Christmas.

In 2001 celebrating the Christmas event.

It shows that you have Christmas spirit and enjoy celebrating it.

Celebrating Christmas, which is my favorite holiday, is a big day for my family.

Yes. The majority of the world was celebrating Christmas by 1800.

The Germans start celebrating Christmas on the evening of 25 December.

It shows that you have Christmas spirit and enjoy celebrating it.

they had a feast and they enjoyed the christmas with families and friends celebrating.

Just Christians celelbrate it as "Christmas" in Turkey.Also Turkey has no special vacation for Christmas.

Christians have been celebratin christmas ever since Jesus died. Other people have been celebrating Christmas since ever since the 1700s.

I don't eat turkey on Christmas, I eat ham.

I guess because they are related....Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus and Easter is celebrating the death and resurection (coming back to life) of Jesus.

Jesus was involved in Christmas.

A day for celebrating the birth of Christ..

because in the 16th centery turkey was introdused to England and king Henry the VIII was the first person to have turkey on Christmas. after a while it became fashion to have turkey at Christmas.

when you celebrate Christmas that means you are celebrating Jesus Christ's birthday.

Christmas is celebrated by giving and getting. Also by celebrating the birth of Jeuse.

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