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In what 3 forms can matter exist?

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Solid, liquid, and gas

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Use state of matter in a sentence?

Matter can exist in 3 forms: as a solid, a liquid, or a gas.

Why matter exist in three forms?

state of matter

Any of the form matter can exist in?

Matter can exist in four forms: plasma, gas, liquid, solid.

How many different forms or states does most matter have on earth exist in?

3 (Solid Liquid Gas)

What is true about all different types of matter?

Matter can exist in many forms.

What three forms can matter exist?

solid liquid and gases

It what three forms can matter exist?

solids , gasses , and liquids.

Any of the forms matter can exist in is what is called a?

state or phase

What is the different forms in which matter can exist?

solid, liquid, and gas

Simplest forms of matter that can exist under normal laboratory conditions?

Simplest forms of matter that can exist under normal laboratory conditions is elements. A mixture is a physical blend of 2 or more substances.

Elements and substances can exist in these forms of matter?

Solid, liquid, gaseous and plasma.

Who invented the molecules?

Molecules are not invented; they exist and are natural forms of organized matter.

Does matter have types?

The fundamental states of matter are: solid, liquid, gas, plasma; but other forms also exist.

Any state of matter?

Some states of matter are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. These are distinct and different forms in which matter can exist in nature.

What are the physical forms in which a substance can exist called?

Matter can exist in three main physical forms. For example water (H2O) can simultaneously occur between solid, liquid and gas states.

Is it true that matter cannot be created or destroyed?

Yes it is, yet matter may exist and be transformed in many of several forms and ways!

What are the three physical forms in which a substance can exist?

They are the three states of matter.SolidLiquidGas

What is the different forms that matter can exist?

States of matter are: - solid - liquid - gas - plasma - Bose-Einstein condensate - dark matter - fermionic condenste - strange matter etc.

Can matter exist in all 3 states?

Well everything has matter therefore, it is possible for it to be in all 3 states

What is the point at which all 3 states of matter are in equilibrium?

The Triple point is the point at which a given substance can exist in all three forms of matter, solid, liquid, and gas, at equilibrium. This point is determined by both temperature and pressure.

How many forms of matter exist on earth?

They exist in the form of a GAS,LIQUID or SOLID. edit: ----------------------------------------------------------- Plasma is also considered a form of matter. source: --------------------------------------------------------------

What compound can exist as all 3 states of matter?


In what 3 forms can matter exsist?

solid, liquid and gas

What are the 3 states of matter that exist on Earth?

solid liquid gas

Which substances exist in three forms of matter simultanously at room temperature?

They are what you call Halogens.The halogens exist ,at a room temperature,in all three states of matter: Solid-Iodine,Astatine; Liquid-Bromine; Gas-Fluorine,Chlorine;