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In any U.S. state. All fifty.

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Q: In what US states can get you get married at 18?
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How old does a girl have to be to get married in US?

The us law is 18. some states may allow at a younger age if pregnat. or if parent allows

What is the youngest age someone can get married in the us?

You have to be considered an adult to get married in the US. In most states, that means you have to be at least 18. State laws will allow you to get married at 16 if the parents agree to it. A few will allow you to get married a bit younger if there is a court order.

What is the age for marriage in us?

In most states of the US you can get married without permission at the age of 18. With parental permission you can get married at 16. Under 16 if it is allowed normally requires a court order.

Can a 15-year-old get married to an alien?

In the US, most states will not allow a 15 year old to get married without special circumstances. Parental permission is required until 18 to get married.

Can you get married at age 18 even though you're still a juvenile?

You can get married at 18. You can only get at 18 if your state laws allow it / not all states consider 18 as the legal age of majority. Find out what your states age requirements are.

Can an 18 year old get married with a 21?

Yes, at age 18 in most states you can get married without parental permission.

Which states allows 18 years as the legal age of majority to get married?

It is 18 in all but two states. Mississippi and Nebraska do not allow an 18 year old to get married without parental permission. Nebraska is 19 and Mississippi is 21.

Where you can get married under 18yrs of age with out parental consent and which states close to new york would perform the marriage of minors?

In New York you have to be at least 18 to get married without permission. That holds true in all the states in the US and in Canada. With parental permission you can get married at 16.

How old do you have to be to get married without parental consent?

You have to be 18 in most states and countries to get married without parental consent. There are a few states where it is older.

How old do have to be get married in California and minnisota?

Both states require you to be 18 to get married. If they have parental permission they can get married at 16.

What states let you buy cigars at 18?

Tobacco is legal in all US states at age 18.

What is the minimum age you allowed to get married in the us?

18, but you can get married earlier with parental consent.

Where can you get married at 17 without parental consent?

In most states you can not get married until you are 18 if your parents do not allow.

What is the legal age of marriage?

If you get married in the UK its 16 with parent consent 18 without. It depends on where you get married.In most states, the youngest you can get married is 16, with parental consent, and 18, without parental consent.The legal age for marriage in the United States is 18 years of age. You can get married before this but you must have your parent or guardian's permission.

What states can you get married under 18 with parents signature?

If you are 16, all of them.

How many states were in the us in 1810?

In 1810 there were 18 states in the United States of America

Is there any place that you can get married at the age of 17?

If you're in the US, most (if not all) states allow a 17-year-old to get married, but they have to have parental consent. Without consent, they have to wait until they're 18.

Can you get married if you are under 18 and emancipated?

If you are emancipated, you can get married. You can get married under the age of 18 with parental consent in most states. Also, in most states you are considered emancipated if you are married. ill agree with that and add (in new york at least) in order to get married u need parental consent from both parents and you need to be 16

You are about to turn 18 and wanting to get your green card would getting married to an 18 year old citizen girlfriend help?

Yes, but some states require that you must be 18 to get married, unless with the permission of your parents. Once you are married, you could get your green card through your US citizen wife. So, you might have to wait a few months more to get married. Remember, you are getting married for the WRONG reasons!

How old do you have to be to get engaged with out parent consent?

To get married without parents consent is 18 in most States in the United States as 18 is no longer a minor.

How many people are married at the age of 18 in the us?


If a person is married outside of United States and comes to US is it still considered married?

Depends on what country they were married.

What is the legal age to get married in the United States Marine Corps?

The age is 18

Is there a waiting period for benefits if you just married and the spouse dies?

In most states in the US no. As long as your marriage is legal and you married in the US.

Can you get married when you 16 if you are pregnant?

Most states in the US require a parents signature to get married before age 18. For more info: