In what city is the truck in Pokemon Blue?

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Answer The truck is located off the dock in Vermillion city just before boarding the SS Anne. You can either trade over a Pokémon who knows surf
Collect cut from the captain and then faint in a battle, which warps you back to the last
Pokémon Center leaving the SS Anne still in the harbor.
Sadly the truck is merely part of the scenery as would be a tree or shrub. It doesn't do anything. There is no Mew or magical thing of awesomeness. It's just a truck.
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What do you do with the truck in Pokemon?

That doesn't actually work. Mew is a Nintendo event only/cheat activated without gameshark - or you can use a cheat code. Answer If you're wondering what it is it's 0115d7cf (Yellow; not sure about Blue and Red) and its to catch it the WILD 0115D8CF (for red/blue) (itll look like a barcode called ( Full Answer )

Where is the truck in Pokemon?

RUBY VERSION? If you mean on ruby version, the moving truck goes after you go and help professor birch when he gets chased by a dog Pokemon at the start.

How do you get to the truck in Pokemon?

Pokemon Truck Get a Pokemon with cut from another game, and you don't need to go to the S.S Anne. and continue with the game after you have surf and you can use out of battle. Where is the S.S. Anne surf to the right and you can see the truck.

How do you get into Saffron City in Pokemon Blue?

1. Go to Celadon City's Mall.. 2. Go to the Top Floor. #3. Buy a beverage from one of the Vending Machines. #4. Head to the Gate that is blocked with a Guard that won't let you into Saffron. #5. Give him the beverage of your choice [doesn't matter how much it cost..] #6. Conveniently t ( Full Answer )

How do you get in to the building in Saffron City in Pokemon Blue?

I have Pokemon Fire Red, so it might be a bit different. What I did is I got the silph scope and identified the Pokemon in Pokemon tower (lavender town) then I defeated the grunts and followed Mr fuji home. You should be able to enter the buildings now.

Is Pokemon Blue in any of the Pokemon movies?

If you mean the character blue from the Pokemon special manga, no but his similar anime counterpart Gary does I think.If you mean the game Pokemon Blue, for the original kanto region movie (Pokemon the first movie) It is based on the kanto region from the games Pokemon Red, Blue, And Yellow. ~Spee ( Full Answer )

How do you get to celadon city in Pokemon Blue?

You will need to go through Rock Tunnel and reach Lavender Town.When you are in Lavender Town, head west of the town and travelthrough Route 8 until you find a little building. You will need togo inside that and go to the other side of the tunnel and you'll bein Celadon City.

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon Blue?

If you're talking about one of the two fossils you find in Mt. Moon, you take it to Cinnabar Island and go to the building next to the Pokecenter, and take it to the scientists in the back room and talk to them and they'll ask you about the fossil. You give it to them, walk outside, and make sure yo ( Full Answer )

How do you get to the dump truck in Pokemon FireRed?

whut dump truck ? to the pickup truck you half to get cut off SS anne and purpusly lose to get out without the ship leaving. get surf and surf off the bridge to the right. yay :D. by that one guy named me

What is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Blue?

It depends on what you prefer. Everything has a weakness. My personal favorite - Charizard - is pretty much dead when put against electric or water types. However, it is generally accepted that Mewtwo is the ultimate pokemon from the originals. However, because it is psychic, bug and ghost type move ( Full Answer )

What is with the truck in pokemon leafgreen?

There is really NOTHING in it! If you don't believe, try using this code! 509197D3 542975F4 78DA95DF 44018CB4 Just get on board onto the Ship (Where you get HM Cut), do not talk to the Captain! Once you get into the ship, get out immediately!! You will find yourself outside the ship. Turn Left un ( Full Answer )

How can you duplicate Pokemon on Pokemon Blue?

you could only duplicate iteams. if you want to duplicate a item go to viradain city and talk to the old guy and press no then fly to the place you catch a grimer and weezing and stuff then surf in the water. put the iteam you want to duplicate in the 6 number. when you see a missingno what ever you ( Full Answer )

How do you get to the truck in Pokemon LeafGreen?

When you start the game and are at the SS ANNE you beat your rival don't beat all the trainers yet once you beat your rival go to the pokemon center and get a really weak Pokemon then go back on get cut then go to battle a trainer and purposely lose so you will be transported out of the ship without ( Full Answer )

Where do you get a fire Pokemon on Pokemon Blue?

in Pokemon blue you can get the Pokemon vulpix to the left of lavender town. or later on in the game in cinabar island you can go to the abandoned mansion and get a few fire types there.

What city is the power plant in Pokemon Blue?

next to cerulean city, where the dark cave is at surf to the right of the Pokemon center there and surf down and on the land there is the power plant

What is the starter Pokemon on Pokemon Blue?

The starter Pokemon for (Red, Blue, Green, Fire Red, & Leaf Green) are: Bulbasaur lvl 5, Charmander lvl 5, and Squirtle lvl 5. The starter Pokemon for the other Generation I game, Yellow, is Pikachu.

Where is the blocked gate in celadon city in Pokemon Blue?

There is no blocked gate, just a thirsty guard who won't let you past them and get into Saffron city unless you get them a drink from the Celadon Dept. store from the vending machine. All four guards won't let you past, by the way but the good news is that you only need to buy one drink because they ( Full Answer )

What legendary Pokemon are in Pokemon Blue?

In Pokémon Blue you can find Articuno (on the Seafoam Islands), Zapdos (at the Power Plant), Moltres (in Victory Road) and Mewtwo (in the Cerulean Cave).

How do you get to the truck in Pokemon FireRed?

Release all yr Pokemon except a Pokemon that know surf and cut. Now go to where ss anne is and speak to the sailor, he will sail u to the mystery truck and reward u with a mew egg that know hyponisis(spelling)

What are the Pokemon that Blue has in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Exeggutor (grass type),Rhydon (rock type),Gyarados (water/ dragon type),Machamp (fighting/ rocktype),Arcanine (fire type),and Pidgeot (flying type). Gyarados is not dragon its actually water and flying garys (blue) team 1.machamp 2.arcanine 3.exeggutor 4.ryperior 5.tyranitar 6.pidgeot

Is mew under the truck in Pokemon?

Yes, and it is level five. but weres the truck is it true that its next and you need surf to the saint ann thing and you need to wait NEXT YEAR on firered and leafgreen

What Pokemon does blue have?

well what game? if its Pokemon soulsilver or heartgold he will have: Exeggutor lvl.55 -Machamp lvl.56 -Arcaine lvl.58 -Rhydon lvl.58 -Gyarados lvl.52 -Pidgeot lvl.60 The first 151 Pokemon, but not including Mew

What Pokemon can you not get in Pokemon Blue?

I am not completely sure, but I know that you can't get Oddish, Growlithe or Ekans. There might also be a few of the rarities in the Safari Zone that can only be obtained in Red, but sure which exactly.

Is the only coler in Pokemon Blue blue?

Answered By: PokeHelp 101 Yes, I'm afraid the game system back then only had blue which is supposed to be black. So all games on the Gameboy are blue. To fix this, you can buy Gameboy Color. Hope this helps.

How do you get a silph scope in safferon city in Pokemon Blue?

Go to the game corner in Celadon City and talk to the team rocket guy in front of the poster. Deafeat him and he runs away.Now press A on the poster. Then a door opens to your right. Enter the door and beat the guys until one has the self introduction,"Where is the card key. Beat him and press A on ( Full Answer )

Who are garys Pokemon in Pokemon Blue?

His final line-up in Pokemon R/B/Y: -Pidgeot (Lvl. 61) -Alakazam (Lvl. 59) -Rhydon (Lvl. 61) -Arcanine (Lvl. 61) -Exeggutor (Lvl. 63) -Blastoise (Lvl. 65)

How do you get to glitch city in Pokemon Blue?

Go to the Safari Zone and play a Safari Game. . Exit immediately, and say no. Repeat this move. . Save the game then reset your Game Boy. . Fly anywhere (Cinnabar works best), and walk 500 steps. . You will know when you have walked 500 steps when the PA rings. . You will return to the Safari Z ( Full Answer )

Should trucks be allowed in cities?

Yes. Cities, like anywhere else, have needs for goods and services that must be meet. It is impossible for cars alone to meet the transportation needs of a cities inhabitants.

How many blue lights on a fire truck?

Varies by jurisdiction. Some use only red lights, and reserve blue solely for other purposes (e.g., all first response vehicles in NY use red - blue is used by firefighters in their own vehicles, and green is used by paramedics in their own vehicles).