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The Americans were housed in many different cities and towns throughout Sweden. I believe the camp you are speaking of is Loka Brunn,, which is located just north of Karlskoga and southeast of Filipstad. Loka Brunn was and still is an award winning health spa. You can read stories and see pictures of Loka during WWII at

I'm not sure if this is a question i had asked about a year ago or if it is from another person. My father was interned in Sweden during WWII and would like to go back to visit. He can't remember the name of the town but it was near Karlstad. He said it had a lodge w/cabins on a lake and supposed to have been the summer home of the King and Queen. We have gotten some information that it is now a resort but still don't have the name. Any help would be appreciated. thanks, carol

I do not know the name of the town but i have something that might help. is the email to Karlstad Municipality they might be able to help.

If that doesn't work try contacting the ministry of foreign affairs im adding a link to their website(in English ofcourse) there you can find contact information ,phonenumbers and stuff like that.

Good luck

I have found some information, there was an internation camp called �xnered near the city V�nersborg( takes around 5 minutes by train) its pretty close to Karlstad but on the other side of the lake V�nern.

i will post a link to a map of the lake where you can se Karlstad on the north side and V�nersborg on the south side in the left corner of the map.

The last information i gave might not be the right place from what ive read there was 2 camps where foreign soldiers where interned these camps was L�ngmora and Smedsbo.

Smedsbo is not that far from Karlstad either its in Falun i will post a link with another map.

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