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In what countries is live soccer the most watched sport?


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Live soccer is most popular in Europe and South America. Brazil, Argentina, England, and Italy are often called "soccer countries" because of how popular the sport is in these areas.

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AnswerSoccer. Soccer's the most played and most supported sport in the world. People who live in poor countries don't have a lot of money. Soccer doesn't require a lot of money and the ball can be made out of anything therefore it's played everywhere. Almost every country has a soccer team and by far it is the most prestigious sport. AnswerI believe soccer, by far, is the most prestigious sport. In some countries, that seems to be the only sport they play. Think about how many countries have a team that plays for the World Cup. Soccer has to be the most popular sport, with basketball close behind. AnswerSoccer. Think about how many teams are in the World Cup and FIBA. In some countries that's practically the only sport they play. I'd say basketball is close behind.

It would depend on where you live ... guessing that your from the US by calling it soccer and not football there are not many people that are into that sport in the US but world wide it is the most plaied sport ...

i really love how to play soccer because its where i live they played the sport more often lol soccer rocks and it's fun to play ----

If you're asking about the #1 sport in the world, the answer is soccer AKA football (not American football). It's hard to imagine futbol as the #1 sport since it's not that popular in the US, but every country in the world is different. While the United States is mostly popular with baseball and American football, there are countries in South America, Europe, Asia, and so many different continents where soccer is all they live and breathe. You will never see a "World Cup" for any other sport other than soccer.

the Olympics every four years other than that football on Sundays

The national sport of Argentina is soccer or "football" if you do not live in the United States or Canada.

This question depends on what part of the world you live in. Football is only played in the us if talking about American football. If football or as refered to in the U.S. "soccer" then it would be football because most countries in the world play soccer as a sport but not fish as a sport as for survival. If talking about American football then that would be fishing as football is only played in the U.S. and Fishing as a sport isn't that common around the world it would be fishing.

Formula 1 is a very famous sport and is viewed live in almost all countries of the world.

Soccer is not an American game.

The Sport Lemon website offers the ability to watch live sports online. They have popular sports such as football, soccer, baseball, golf, tennis, cycling, and motorsports.

There are several world cups in various sports. However, the one that everyone talks about is for soccer (or football depending on where you live).

Fox news can be watched live several ways. It can be watched from your internet, via mobile, or from the comfort of your home.

because its their country and they want to go and see it live instead of watching it on tv

Because soccer requires so much running, it works the heart and lungs and is thus a cardiovascular sport. It builds the endurance and strength of both organs which, as we all known, is very important to live healthy.

There is an iPhone app called Sky go.You can watch all matches live.I watched liverpool play Man. city. (Im a huge Liverpool fan.)

Soccer can be played year round. depending where you live. if you live in a cold place there is indoor soccer. if you live in a warm climate area you can play inside and out.

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Soccer is:~my love~my passion~my lifeI wouldn't be able to live without soccer.

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At the specific location in Canada where you watched, the stars are obscured by pollution or you live in an area where there are too many lights (light pollution).

It is the greatest feeling ever! Long live soccer!!!!

Go to where the soccer match is being played!

The roughest sports is the most competitive because players are always in action. Goals are what they live for and they do not like to give them up,so they foul and that is what makes it so competitive.

i live in oregon so they play any sport really basketball,football,baseball,soccer,ultimate frisbee. u name it we probably play it

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