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In what country can one apply for a Fiance Visa?


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A fiance Visa is required for immigrants who wish to enter the United States. Check with a local Immigration lawyer to find out the requirements and qualifications for this type of Visa.

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One can apply for a visa to Canada by visiting the Canadian embassy in their country. It is also possible to apply for one online.

If you want to study abroad in of the leading university/college, then you have to apply for student visa for that particular country. It is one of the easiest visa to apply for.

The best way is to get married to your fiance in the US or country of origin. This qualifies you for the K Nonimmigrant visa with which you can then apply for permanent residence.

Leave the USA and apply for one from your home country.

One can apply for a Visa Rewards Card at the Visa website. Simply click on the apply button to get the downloadable application form and fill it out. One can also go to any store that supports Visa and ask them to help apply for a Visa Rewards Card.

To apply for a Philippine visa, contact the Philippine Embassy in your country, or a Philippine Consulate in a city near you (if there is one) and ask what documents, forms, and fees they require. Then follow their instructions.

I would say a tourist visa (6 month) is best because a fiance visa limits your time and is not one that can be renewed like a tourist visa. You can renew a tourist visa for 6 months. It does not always get approved but it is something that is possible with the tourist and not with the fiance visa. Now if you plan on getting married as stated in the fiance visa then in that case this would be the one for you. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

Depends on the purpose of your stay to a certain country. If you aim to live long regardless of work or not and if you are not in a hurry to process the visa then, the immigrant visa is the one. If you only intend to work in the country and already have an employer, then the work visa is good.

F1 visa does not allow for one to overstay. This is usually given to students who are required to leave the country as soon as they finish school. One can apply for a different visa to extend their stay after school.

To apply for an Australian visa one can apply through a number of websites. One can apply through the 'Migration Expert' website by filling out the online form.

One can apply for a Visa card through online credit agencies and prepaid card merchants. One can also apply for a Visa card through online banks and financial institutions.

Visa and Mastercard are two different cards. To apply for a Mastercard you can visit the Mastercard website. For a Visa you should visit the Visa website.

You can apply for a visa credit card online at the Capital One website. You can also apply for a Walmart or Sam's club visa card. Another way is to send in one of the hundreds of applications you get in the mail.

You generally need the visa first, otherwise you will not be admitted to the country. Some exceptions do exist where a passport from one of certain countries is all you require to enter certain others.

One can apply for a Capital One Visa when one goes to the website of Capital One. One can apply online and approval is guaranteed. With this card, one can get rewards and the interest rate is low.

Yes you canthe working holiday visa is particular to each do most of these visas

In the Dominican Embassy next to you. If there is not a Dominican Embassy in your country so you must go to the nearest country which has one.

One can apply for a Thai Visa on the 'Royal Thai Consulate' website where forms can be downloaded in PDF format. One can also apply through the UK Boarder Agency.

You need a visa to even enter the United States. Without one you can be deported immediately.This is incorrect.The tourist must have a passport to enter the country, not a visa. Typically, the "stamp" in your passport is good for 90 days. If the traveler wants to exceed those 90 days, they must apply to have an extended stay, and at that time, can also apply for a visa.A visa is completley different from visiting. A passport grants you access to a country, but you cannot work in that country. A visa would allow that traveler to work in the country he/she is visiting.

To get a Visa to enter the United States from India one needs to apply through your country. The application and approval process can take several months.

Brazil has embassies all over the world. One must apply to the Brazilian Embassy in the country where the person lives to receive a visitors' visa.

If one wants to apply for a visa for flying with United Airlines then one needs to contact the local consulate and apply for the visa. Sometimes a travel agent will mange the operation for the person if the tickets have been booked through them.

To apply for Visa card online, one could visit the Visa website and follow the instructions on the website. However, in some regions one need to attend the organization and do the paperwork.

One can obtain a visa to Canada in a number of ways. The primary way is to visit the consulate or embassy for Canada in your home country. You can also apply online or via post.

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