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Q: In what country did Sikhism start?
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Related questions

In which country can Sikhism be found?

Sikhism can be found in all most evey country in the world.

What country is Sikhism practiced?

Sikhism is mainly practiced in India.

What year did Sikhism start?

sikhism started in 1500 bc

How did Sikhism start?

Sikhism started in north India by Guru Nanak.

In what part of India did Sikhism start?

Sikhism started in the Punjab region of India.

Were did Sikhism start?


What country did sihkism start in?

The founder of Sikhism, Baba Guru Nanak was born in India (the city is included in Pakistan now).

Where is the original country of Sikhism?


What is Sikhism country of origin?


What is the country of origin of Sikhism?

Sikhism originated in the Punjab, which is a region on the border of modern day India and Pakistan.

Which year did Guru Nanak start Sikhism?


Did Guru Nanak start Sikhism?

yes HE WAS

When did Sikhism start was it before Christ?

Sikhism originated in 15th century AD, Christianity originated in 2000 BC. Therefore, Sikhism came about 1500 years after Christianity.

What countries follow Sikhism?

One country that follows Sikhism is Afghanistan. Also, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Austria, Denmark, Fiji, and France are other countries that follow Sikhism.

Which country studies Sikhism?

Sikh Community, mostly found in Punjab in Northern part of India, studies and follow sikhism

Where was Sikhism start?

It was started in India by Guru Nanak.

Where did Sikh religions start?

Sikhism was started in Punjab.

How did the religion Sikhism start?

It all started with the Guru Guru Nasnak.

What date did Sikhism start?

i don't know that's why I want you to tell me

What is the religion of the country Kobe?

The majority of Kobe is made up of Sikhs, or practicers of Sikhism. Sikhism is a religion founded by Nanak that combines Hinduism and Islam together as one.

In which country did Sikhism began?

In Northern part of Undivided India (Undivided Punjab).

What is the name of Sikhism?

It is called Sikhism.

What are the Sikhism people's religion?


What country did sikism start in?

Sikhism started in "Nankana Sahib" which was earlier known "Rai bhoi ki Talwandi". This place is now a part of Pakistan after india-pakistan partition. Earlier this was part of Punjab.

What countries have followers of Sikhism?

Any country. Mostly India, Canada, the UK, Austrailia, and Pakinstan.