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Where did musical theatre originate?

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Is dancing part of musical theater?

yes musical theater is part of dancing

What is the difference between an opera and a musical theater?

Opera and musical theater are much alike except that musical theater generally has much more spoken dialogue than opera does.

What can you do with a BFA in Musical theater?

You can act or work in theater.

What are the key features of musical theater?

Key features of a musical theater are the cast, the band or orchestra, and a storyline that interests an audience. Musical theater is a play acted out by the cast singing most of their lines.

What actors and actresses appeared in On the Brink - 2012?

The cast of On the Brink - 2012 includes: Tomoyasu Abe as Couple 1 Jordan Aragon as Musical Theater Actor 2 Hunter Bird as Musical Theater Actor 1 Michael Hearn as Pianist Hiroko Koga as Couple 2 Priya Lorenz as Musical Theater Actor 8 Sara Lysen as Musical Theater Actor 7 Catie Marron as Musical Theater Actor 3 Kendal Nicole as Musical Theater Actor 4 Grace Reeder as Twin 1 Hannah Reeder as Twin 2 Danielle Rosario as Musical Theater Actor 5 Vinny Stodder Dani Wendel as Musical Theater Actor 6

What is musical theater?

Usually when someone talks about musical theater they are referring to musicals, such as My Fair Lady, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and Cats.

What are the different kinds of theater dance?

Tap, jazz, ballroom, and musical theater

What are the release dates for America's Musical Theater - 1985?

America's Musical Theater - 1985 was released on: USA: 2 February 1985

You are doing a project on musical Theater and you need help on defining musical theater through the concepts of music?

do you mean throughout musical theatre history? Not sure what you mean by concepts of music?

What was Final Jeopardy for September 13 2010?

The Category was Musical TheaterThe clue was "A Hollywood Venue was renovated and renamed the Aquarius Theater to host this musical in 1968"The answer was What is HairMusical Theatre

Is musical theater still around?

yes, musical theatre still is around...

Where can you watch the full musical of wicked?

at wicked the musical in Gershwin theater in NYC

Who invented musical theater?

The British of course!

What quailifactions musical theatre?

Musical theater exists when the plot of the play is specifically progressed by the music involved. ie: If a song gives the thoughts of a character, the play would be considered musical theater.

How many parts of theater?

Theater have two parts one the musical and second dialog.

When was musical theater made famous?

Musical theatre was made famous in the golden ages

What are the release dates for America's Musical Theater - 1985 Treemonisha?

America's Musical Theater - 1985 Treemonisha was released on: USA: 2 February 1986

What are the release dates for Musical Theater of Hope - 2009 TV?

Musical Theater of Hope - 2009 TV was released on: USA: 25 October 2009

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