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Turn the valve so that the flat part goes across the direction of the water flow through the pipe.

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Q: In what direction do you turn the main water valve to shut it off?
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What does downstream from the valve mean in plumbing?

from the valve past, fowing in the direction of the liquid or gas. example: water supply coming from the street to your house, enters your house where your main water shut off is. then the water is distributed through your house to different fixtures. downstream of your main shut off would be everything past that valve in the direction the water is flowing, or all water lines IN your house.

What is a water Toby?

A water Toby is a shut valve at a water main

Why won't the hot water stop running even with the main shut off valve shut off?

The valve seat or washer on the main valve are not seating/sealing properly.

How do i shut off water main in condo for your tub?

I do not live in a condo thus I have no need to shut the main valve

Where is the water shut off for a shower in the bath tub?

Outside at the main shut off valve. Showers/Bathtubs do not normally have a shutoff valve like sinks and toilets. The main water valve for the house must be turned off.

How do you turn off your water mains?

With the water main shut of valve of course

How do you install a new water shut-off valve on a toilet or a sink?

Shut the water off at the main shut off where it comes into the house or at the meter and change the valve at the fixture. The valve at the fixture may be sweated on, compression, or threaded.

What is the difference between a Hot water shut off valve and cold water shut off valve?

the hot water valve shut off valve shuts off the hot water. The cold water valve shuts off the cold water. ;()

What will happen if the main water pipes break?

Water will run until a valve or pump is shut off upstream from water main break.

How is water suspended in cities?

By a shut off valve connecting it to the main pipe to your apartment or house.

How to turn off main water supply at house?

By locating where the main supply comes in and looking for a shut off valve

Where is the water shut off for a bath tub?

Tubs usually do not have shut off valve for them. You have to shut off the main supply. Depending on how the house is plumbed, you may be able to shut the cold supply to the water heater and that will shut off both the hot and cold or the main line where it comes into the house.

Why is the lawn sprinkler head leaks water when the main water valve is shut off?

After a main water valve is closed the system's PVC pipes are still full of water and will drain to the lowest sprinkler head until the system is empty.

What direction do you turn the shut off valve on the toilet?


Why is the hot water pressure in your kitchen sink low but the cold water pressure is normal and as of last night both were equal and the hot water shut off valve under the sink does not shut off?

If the shut off valve turns but does not shut the water off, the washer in it has split and probably made it to the faucet. It was blocking part of the hole on the hot side and at some point either shifted or made it through the faucet and in in the screen in the end of the spout. Shut the main water off and replace the washer in the shut off valve.

How do you change a shut off valve?

I'm not being stupid, you just change it. How ever it is installed, threaded on, sweated or compression fitting, remove and replace. I'm assuming water. There is another shut off valve further down the line. If it is the main shut off in the house, there is one at the meter. Shut the water off, drain the pipes and change it.


The water meter is shut off? The main water line is shut off? The valve for that faucet is turned off? The waterline is made of galvanized piping and has corroded shut? Aerator is clogged, remove and clean or replace.

Do you need a water shut off for an ice maker?

In most countries, the law clearly states that any fixture which draws water and comes from a live main feed shall always have a water shut off valve.

Where are shut-off valves?

In every home thee are a number of shut-off valves. Where the water pipe enters the house is the main shut off, usually beside the PRV, a bell shaped device for regulating the house pressure. This main cold line will then branch off to the water heater, bathrooms and kitchen. Each faucet and the water heater and the toilet will have a shut-off valve. The hot water line comes out of the top of the heater and goes to bathrooms and kitchen. Each hot faucet also has a shut-off valve under it.

How do you change angle valve for toilet?

Shut off valve at the wall? Turn the main water line off and change it. How you change it would depend on what type it is and how it attaches to the pipe.

What is a toilet water shut off valve?

It is a valve on the floor, next to the toilet. The pipe from this valve feeds the toilet

What is the difference between check and gate valve?

A check valve allows for flow in one direction and a gate valve is used for positive shut off and a globe valve is used for throttling

Where is Valve Shut Off on gas water heat?

On any water heater, the shut off is on the incoming cold pipe.

What diameter should copper piping be from main shut off valve to water heater?

The recommended diameter is 22mm or 3 quarters of an inch.

What is a non-positive shut off valve?

A non-positive shut off valve is one that is controlled by the user. You hold down the valve to keep the water or whatever coming out, and when you want it to stop, you release the valve.