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They never did get married

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Q: In what episode did Eric and Donna get married?
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What episode does Eric and Donna break up?

they break up alot of times.

Which two characters married on the last episode of Beverley Hills 90210?

Donna and David

Do Eric foreman and Donna pinciottis get married?

They do not get married... sadly. They are engaged for most of the 5th of 6th Seasons but in the finale of Season 6 Eric leaves her at the alter because he was afraid he was holding her back from her dreams. They stay together after that until he leaves for Africa in Season 8. But then he returns in the last episode and they kiss. So its not stated but very implied their going to be married sometime in the 80's

Did Eric marry Donna ON THE 70S SHOW?

no all that is portrayed in the show is that they got engadged put they never got married

What is the song in the episode of That 70's Show called the Seeker when Eric comes back after leaving Donna at the Alter?

"Thirteen" by Big Star

What song played in season one episode one of that '70s Show when Donna and Eric were sitting on Eric's car?

Low rider by foghat

What episode of the Donna reed show appeared on Gilmore Girls?

Season One. Episode 14. 'That Damn Donna Reed'

Is Donna Brazile married?


Did hyde from that 70's show like Donna?

During the series, it is revealed that Hyde had a crush on Donna during the time Eric and Donna's relationship was fairly new. Even though he tried to win Donna's affection, Eric always seemed to be at the right place at the right time to stop anything from happening.Yeah, he's right. In one episode, Hyde kisses Donna, but she pulls away after about a second and slaps him.

When did Eric Bana get married?

Eric Bana married to Rebecca Gleeson in 1997

When did Eric Roberts get married?

Eric Roberts married to Eliza Roberts in 1992

When did Eric McCormack get married?

Eric McCormack married to Janet Holden in 1997

After what happened with Donna and Andrew will Ringo go back with Donna?

yes they get married

When did Jonas Salk get married to his first wife?

Jonas Salk married Donna Lindsay. Jonas Salks married Donna Lindsay on June 9, 1939.

What Doctor Who episode had Donna and the Ood?

Series 4; Episode 3; Planet of the Ood.

Is Donna Groom who is a member of the Skyliners singing group married?

Donna is MarriedDonna Groom of the Skyliners IS MARRIED. She is married to the Skyliners drummer, Mark Groom. Both are very fine and talented people. Check their web site for showcases.

Was maureen flowers married to Eric bristow?

No. Eric Bristow was not married to Maureen Flowers.

Is Eric Bana married?

Yes, Eric Bana married to Rebecca Gleeson in 1997

Is Eric Clapton married?

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Eric Carmen how long married?

Eric Carmen has been married to Susan since 1993.

Was eric Fleming married?

No, he never married.

Who is Eric Koston married to?

he's not married

Who ends up with who on that 70 show?

Eric and Donna break up in the 8th Season but get back right in time for New Years 1980. Hyde has a wife he married drunkenly in Vegas who left him mid season. Kelso proposes to Jackie and declines. Jackie realizes she is in love with Fez and they get together in the second to last episode

When did Dan Aykroyd get married?

Dan Aykroyd married to Donna Dixon in 1983

Who plays Donna in that 70's Show?

Donna Pinciotti is played by the lovely Laura Prepon. She played Donna from the pilot episode all the way to the series finale.