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From what I have seen so far of the show, she will never rejoin the show. She shows up in some episodes, and stays for two or three.

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What episode does Misty meet dawn in Pokemon?

there no Pokemon episode when misty meet dawn

Which episode did misty left in Pokemon advance?

Misty left in the second-to-last episode of Pokemon Master Quest

What episode in Pokemon when Misty turned into a mermaid?

Season 1, Episode 61 "The Misty Mermaid".

What episode misty sings to ash Pokemon?

episode 39.5

What episode of Pokemon does misty leave?

Pokemon Episode: Gotta Catch Ya Later!

What Pokemon episode does misty leave?

Pokemon Episode: Gotta Catch Ya Later!

When does Misty appear in Pokemon?

First episode.

In which Pokemon episode does Ash meet Misty again?

in the second episode

In which episode of Pokemon does ash get sick when he is with misty and brock?

in episode 6

What Pokemon episode did ash cry outside in the rain?

try the Pokemon episode gotta catch ya later in the end when ash misty and brock were seprating in misty's flashback the series is called Pokemon masterquest

Ash and misty married at the final episode of Pokemon?


Is there an episode in Pokemon in which Misty saves Ash from drowning?

Yes, but it is not an episode, it is the movie Pokemon 2000 (at the end)

Does ash ketchum and misty may dawn kiss in 1 episode of Pokemon?

misty does like ash but no one in Pokemon

In what episode of Pokemon did Misty leave?

Episode "Gotta Catch Ya Later"

Which episode does misty see ash on tv?

Pokemon episode 1 i choose you

What episode does misty become a gym leader?

Misty was a gym leader since before the Pokemon series time period began. However, it was not revealed she was a gym leader until Episode 007: "Water Flowers of Cerulean City"

What anime series does the characters Ash and Misty appear in?

Both the Ash and Misty characters are from the Pokemon anime series. Ash was the first character introduced in the series. Misty was also introduced in the very first Pokemon. The Pokemon franchise first appeared in 1996.

In Pokemon did MIsty like Ash as a friend?

In the Original Pokemon series, Misty did like Ash as a friend. To be honest, Misty really liked Ash.

What esipode of Pokemon advance was that when ash meets misty again?

The Pokémon episode during the Advanced series when Ash meets up with Misty again is titled "The Princess and the Togepi."

Ash misty kiss?

Misty has a crush on Ash. Misty will not leave Ash alone. I think Ash should marry Misty, besides I find Misty hot, and Ash is the main character of the series. However Misty is hot and has 2 best friends her Togepi and Ash. Misty is not just hot, she is also good-looking. I don't know what episode of Pokemon Ash kissed Misty, even if someone else knows what episode Ash and Misty kissed, besides I watched all the episodes of this series first season, and ton of episodes from the other TV seasons when Misty was with Ash.

In what episode does misty return?

Pokemon: Advanced Challenge: Episode 3: The Princess and the Togepi

What episode of Pokemon does misty pull ash out of the water with a rod?

episode 2 *kuma*

What series and episode is the 1 were misty leaves ash?

ok i don't know the number or name of the episode but its at the end of the Pokemon joto seson srry i cant be of more help

Is there an episode in Pokemon which misty saves ash's life?

I hope not!

In what Pokemon episode did ash and misty go swimming?