In what order do you list your multiple degrees- eg BS MS Ph.D?

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You list accomplishments from least to highest, unless they are in the same field. For multiple degrees in the same field, the terminal degree is the only one listed.

For example: A) Joe Smith obtained her BA in Psychology, than an MS in Psychology, followed by a PhD in Psychology. His entry would be: Joe Smith, PhD

B) Jane Smith obtained a BA in Psychology, an MBA in Business and an MS in Psychology, and a PhD in Psychology. Her listing would be: Jane Smith, MBA, PhD

Some rules about least to highest: an academic degree (e.g. MS or MA, PhD) is higher than a practical degree (e.g. MBA is listed before MS).

Finally, (I believe this is correct), any licenses held are at the end (A registered nurse who maintains a license to practice and holds a PhD would list PhD, RN).

I'm not sure how this works with an MD, which is technically a practical degree but is also a license to practice...perhaps that's why it's so common to see it both ways.

The previous entry stated:
It is generally accepted that one lists accomplishments from least to highest. Thus BA, BS, MA, PhD.
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What is the exact grammatical format for listing degrees such as MA or Ph.D after one's name using commas or periods?

If the degree is in a very specfic field (such as business or social work), the correct format would be: John Smith, MSW or Carol Jones, MBA. If the Masters is in a broader field (English or History, for example), the format would be: John Smith, MA, History or Carol Jones, MA,English. PhD is always ( Full Answer )

What are the following academic degrees in order Ph.D as ms MBA bs do MD ma?

Answer . \nYou start with a two year Associate's Degree or 4 year Bachelor of Arts of Bachelor of Science degree. Then get a Master of Arts or a Master of Science Degree. Then a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Doctor of Science (Sci.D) which is the same rank.\n. \nThose are the academic ranking ( Full Answer )

What is a BS degree?

Its a degree which is equivalent to B.Sc...... B.Sc is 2 years and BS is 4 years programme

What do you need to do in order to get a Ph.D?

get accepted into a PhD program spend usually 3-8 years taking courses and doing research in that program write a dissertation usually of at least 100 pages that contains the equivalent of 3-4 scientific publications

Do you need a BS to get a Ph.D in psychology?

Typically the bachelors degree comes first. After that comes the masters, then PhD. However, there are a number of colleges and universities that offer a combined masters and PhD. Still however you look at this, the PhD will take approximately four years to complete beyond the bachelors degree.

What is the Ph.D degree?

The Ph.D. degree stands for Doctor of Philosophy and is awarded inthe humanities and natural sciences. It usually involves writing adoctoral dissertation.

What is the difference between a BS and a MS?

Undergraduate course work is a basic foundation within a given program of study. The course work includes a general cluster of knowledge that promotes a well rounded education. Thus, the student is exposed to a variety of areas, not just their chosen field of study. These areas would involve general ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a BA degree BS degree Masters degree and Ph.D?

a B.A. or Bachelor of Arts degree, is a more broadly based degree, not exactly specific in a desired field. 4 yr. degree.. A B.S. or Bachelor of Science degree, is not only more specific in a desired field, but it also involves more research. 4 yr. degree.. A Master's degree is more of a continuat ( Full Answer )

Which one is better MBA or MS after BS in mechanical engineering?

It's not a question of which is better, it's a question of what your overall career goals and objective are. The MBA is a broad scope in business administration. The MS can cover many disciplines and programs of study. So it depends on what field of study you wish to pursue. At his point, I believe ( Full Answer )

Biology degree is a BS degree?

It varies from school to school. Some schools also offer a BA which is a more general degree. BS in biology will be a more targeted degree. For example Saint Leo University in Florida offers a BS in biology while Florida Gulf Coast University offers a BA.

How long does it take to get a Ph.D degree?

This is for the US; other countries do things a little differently. Post high school, you will first have to have a Bachelor's degree ... this normally takes four years ... and then go on to graduate school. It's theoretically possible to complete the actual required coursework for a PhD in abo ( Full Answer )

Is it correct style to use Dr before a person's name if that person has multiple degress eg Dr Joe Smith MD Ph.D?

It is correct if you omit the M.D. and Ph.D. You must decide between Dr. Joe Smith or Joe Smith, M.D., Ph.D. For some odd reason if someone has a J.D., while you can refer to him as Dr. Joe Smith most people prefer to write Joe Smith, J.D., especially when the attorney works in health law or it woul ( Full Answer )

Is it better to pursue a BS or MS in mechanical Engineering after you have completed a BS Industrial engineering?

The best course to study is the one that leads to your overall career goals and objectives. Thus, I would imagine you do not have anything specific. So many individuals enroll in college programs without a specific goal in mind. As such, many become miserable in their work which is not good for them ( Full Answer )

What does BS and MS mean?

BS stands for, in the education world, a degree of Bachelor of Science, while MS stands for Master of Science.

Example of a name with BS or MS?

Thomas Anderson M.S. Thomas Anderson B.S. . Thomas Anderson M.S. Thomas Anderson B.S. . Thomas Anderson M.S. Thomas Anderson B.S. . Thomas Anderson M.S. Thomas Anderson B.S. . Thomas Anderson M.S. Thomas Anderson B.S. . Thomas Anderson M.S. Thomas Anderson B.S.

What do you have to do after you get BS degree?

You don't have to do anything. You can enter the workforce or go on for a higher degree depending on your overall career goals and objectives. You don't have to do anything. You can enter the workforce or go on for a higher degree depending on your overall career goals and objectives. You don't ha ( Full Answer )

What is a MA MS and BA BS?

The Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) has a broader scope, with a strong emphasis on the humanities, theoretical and general knowledge in a recognized discipline, interdisciplinary field, or of a professional study. The Bachelor of Science degree (BS) is more of a focused approach with a science bas ( Full Answer )

Is a Marketing degree a BS degree?

While not required to be a BS, most are. For the difference between a BA and BS, read the following. . It depends on the institution and business department within the school as to which focus they prefer. The Bachelor's of Arts degree has a broader scope, with a strong emphasis on the human ( Full Answer )

What is better Bachelor of Science BS or Master of Science MS?

\nThe Master of Science degree is a higher degree than the Bachelor of Science degree. The BS degree is a standard undergraduate degree awarded after 4 years of college study. The MS degree is generally awarded after 2 additional years of study beyond the BS. Most holders of an MS degree had alre ( Full Answer )

What degree is this BS?

BS stands for bachelor's of science which is a degree category from which many specific programs of study fall under. A bachelor's degree in most areas can require between 124 to 128 college credits particular to a specific program of study. This would be based on a college or university that opera ( Full Answer )

What is a BS and MS?

BS is a bachelor's degree (four year program of study), and an MS is an advanced degree (post bachelors) typically taking about two to three years to complete depending on the course load carried per semester. BS is a bachelor's degree (four year program of study), and an MS is an advanced degree ( ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to get a MS in Aerospace if you already have a BS in Chemical Engineering?

\n. \nAbsolutely. Your first degree is more about your ability than your knowledge. Provided you can demonstrate to someone that you have sufficient knowledge and ability to complete the task, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to get a cross-discpline degree. It's about 'selling' yoursel ( Full Answer )

The degrees list in order?

The following is just a general overview for the order of degrees within the United States. . Associate degree . Bachelor degree . Master degree . Doctorate degree

What is a MBA MS Ph.D?

An MBA is a master's in business administration, and an MS is a master's in science under which many specific programs of study fall. A PhD (doctorate) is the highest level on educational attainment and again under which many specific program of study fall.

Can you get an MS without a BS?

You need to complete a bachelor's degree before applying to graduate school for your master's. A master's is advanced coursework post bachelor's degree.

What is a MS Ph.D degree?

\nThat is not a degree. That is a person who has two different degrees. The MS stands for Master of Science. That is one degree. The PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. That is a different degree. Since the PhD is a more advanced degree and is obtained after a person gets the masters degree, a pers ( Full Answer )

If someone is getting a MS in biology and decides to continue and gets his Ph.D does it mean that he should start from beginning or having a MS degree will help him to get Ph.D faster?

If you are staying within the field of biology, there is no need to start over. You will have to contact schools that offer your specific program of study, and request information concerning any prerequisite coursework. Within the same field it is just a continuation. If your PhD is within another f ( Full Answer )

What are bs degrees are there?

A bachelor of art (BA), and a bachelor of science (BS) are general degree categories from which many specific programs of study (majors) fall. The following articulates a brief overview of the differences. . The Bachelor's of Arts degree (BA) has a broader scope, with a strong emphasis on the h ( Full Answer )

Is it better to have a BS or a MS in biology?

The higher the education the better. With the master's degree there will be more doors of opportunity opened to you. However, the better option really depends on your overall career goals and objectives. You should acquire a vision for yourself; A clearly articulated picture of the future you intend ( Full Answer )

Do you have to go to pre-med in order to get your Ph.D?

No you do not. Typically, the PhD is not a medical degree. However, it is possible to take a PhD in a health related field as well as other fields. Pre-med is particular to individuals who wish to become a physician.

How do you convert a BS degree into a MS degree?

You don't. The master's degree is advanced study that follows the bachelor's degree. You cannot convert a any bachelor's degree into a masters degree they are two different types and levels.

When asked on an application to list your most current baccalaureate degree do you list your BS or MBA?

It is asking for your most current degree, therefore the last one you completed. I just have never heard of it being asked that way. If this is a job application, I would want them to know I have the MBA, and employers would want to know your entire educational background. However, maybe it is not a ( Full Answer )

What do you study in order to get a Ph.D?

That is strictly dependent on your specific program of study. For example, a PhD in psychology, biology, English, history, etc. Each program will have requirements particular to itself.

What is ms leading to Ph.D?

A MS (Master of Science) degree that would get you confirm admission into Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) after its successful completion.

Is master's degree is equal to Ph.D?

Yes. Some Master degrees are equivalent to PhDs provided that the minimum period of the Master program is not less than three years.

Is a Ph.D the best college degree?

PhD is among the highest of academic degrees. But it will get you nowhere in the field of medicine, for example. The term "PhD" is used rather loosely much of the time. For example, a person wiht a Masters Degree in Music might say they are gong to stay at the university to "get my PhD", but their d ( Full Answer )

What are the proper education steps to become a child and adolescene psychologist do you get BA MA Ph.D or is it BS MS Ph.D and is there any specific degrees for ex. master in developmental psy?

You can get B.A. or B.S., it depends on the university/college you attend, and on the amount of science/art classes you take. I believe that once you want to get a job the difference isn't very significant. So, if you look into the programs you want to attend you can just choose between getting B.A. ( Full Answer )