In what part of Ireland does the movie 'The Quiet Man' take place?

The film was actually set in the town of Inishfree, but that is not a real place. It also had several members of Maureen O'Haras family in it, as well as three of the Dukes own children.

Much of the filming was in Cong, in county Mayo, [[home of many a salmon poacher(God bless them)]]. The town of Cong is the place to see all of the famous destinations in the film. The original Pat Cohen bar is there and many other sites. Also, the cast stayed at Ashford Castle nearby, also worth visiting or adding to your research. (updated May 2009) Apparently the little house John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara lived in in the film was in another different place completely to where the rest of movie was made because my friends went up to visit it and found out.