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Number the Stars is told in third person.

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Number the Stars by Lois Lowry was in third person.

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The meaning of the psalms is that the psalms tells y the book was named number the stars I know because I read the book 1 hundred times and my teacher told me

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No, but "Number the Stars" is a novel.

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Who told you the number of stars was finite? Stars are being formed all the time. They're born, they exist, and they die, ultimately. The atoms and other particles blown out of exploding stars eventually find their way to, among other places, Earth, where they are used to create things. You, for example. Every atom in your body was born in an exploding star.

The number of stars is finite.

Number the Stars is not a film, it is a book.

Number the Stars is historical fiction.

"Number the Stars" is historical fiction.

No, Number the Stars has no sequels.

Number the Stars is currently not a movie.

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the theme of the number the stars book is the truth

As of April 2012, Number the Stars is not a movie.

German occpied Denmark in number the stars.

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