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When sperm coming from the testis of a male person happens to enter the tube where the egg is , one sperm may unite with the egg.


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Sperm and eggs are sex cells.

Yes, the process used is Mitosis. Sex cells, such as Sperm and Eggs use a process called Meiosis.

Mitosis. Meiosis is when sex cells (eggs/sperm) reproduce.

eggs and sperm are haploid cells

Mitosis for normal cells, meiosis to make gametes (eggs, sperm, pollen)

Meiosis. This is how the sex cells (sperm and eggs) are formed.

Ova (eggs) are produced in the ovary. They are formed from reproductive cells called primordial germ cells in a process called oogenesis. The sperm are produced through spermatogenesis in the males gonads.

sperm cells are found in the soil to fertilize the eggs

Because mitosis creates duplicates of cells with complete copies of the chromosomes in each cell made. For eggs and sperm cells the cell division process has to end up with the eggs and sperm having just 1/2 of the chromosome numbers in each cell made. Eggs and sperm are therefore produced by 'meiosis' and not 'mitosis'.

During the process of meiosis diploid cells produce haploid cells. There are two types of haploid cells ovum (eggs) and sperm, these cells are called gametes.

Two sperm, one egg - no. Two sperm, two eggs - yes.

sperm and eggs Actually the opposite. Somatic cells are diploid. Sperm and eggs are haploid.

The process that produces sperm and eggs is the reproduction process. The sperms works to fertilize the egg and most mammals use this process for reproducing.

yes, there is a chance that his sperm can unite with your eggs.

Sperm comes from your nuts and eggs come from somewhere in the vagina.

Their sperm joins with the eggs outside of their bodies. The female releases her eggs into the water. The male then releases his sperm and the gametes join.

In the cells that will divide to become eggs or sperm (or the eggs or sperm themselves).

In sexual reproduction, a sperm and egg cell unite to form the first cell of the new offspring.

Reproductive cells or gametes.

They are called sex cells.

The eggs are the biggest cells in the body, while the sperm is the smallest.

Sperm are produced in the testicles by a layer of cells in the seminiferous tubules. Eggs are produced in follicles in in the ovaries.

gametogenesis. Formation og the games is when sperm and eggs are producede. Sperm are made in the process of spermatogenesis, and eggs (or the oocyte) by oogenesis.

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