In what states can a 15-year-old girl marry a 22-year-old man without parental consent?

There are no states where a 15 year old can get married without parental permission. In order to get married without parental permission in the United States, a person has to be 18 years old. The only way to overcome this would be to get a special court order.

if u get a job and get emancipated u can marry him.. also it does depend what state u live in too.

No, a 15 year old CHILD cannot marry a 22 year old man without parental consent. A child is not old enough to make such a decision alone.

there are 2 states in the US that you can get married when your 16. Research it and LET ME KNOW!! I cant find it anywhere but I am positive there are 2. One is Nevada. But I'm not sure of the other one. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS! --Katy

There is no state in the U.S. that will allow someone under the age of 18 to get married without parent consent or special circumstances/court approval. Many states would not allow a 15-year-old to get married *at all*.

To the young lady who stated that she's 14, her boyfriend is 21, and she plans to get pregnant so she can get married--you might also want to consider the fact that if that occurs there is a *very good likelihood* that your boyfriend will be facing some type of statutory rape charges. Do the two of you really want to take a chance on him going to prison? And let me just add, that marriage and having children is not 'kiddie play'. It's very serious business. It requires maturity, responsibility, and commitment (a *life time* of it). Anyone who would consider bringing a child into the world just so they can get married, could very well be lacking in the 'maturity' aspect.

First off, don't get pregnant just to get married. When you let it slip in the future that your child was an accident, it doesn't jump for joy. Most the time the child will then feel unwanted. Second, If you and your man want to get married, i think that is great for you, But maybe you both should try talkin to your parents, if they object, then so be it. But if you are fifteen and want to get married, tell your man to wait three years. Honey if he can't wait three years to marry you, then you know he wont stay in the marriage long. And then you'll be stuck out on your own, or living with your parents, and being called a loser.....A smart chick from Oklahoma!!!

have you all ready had sex with him if not DONT he may just leav you. donot marry him until absolutly sure and do not get pregnant he might leav you because he dose not want to have a chiled and if you have had sex with him and your parents found out they could press charges because that's considered rap because you are still a minor and you are until 18 so think befor you leap into something because you being so young who knows how long it would last my friend made that mistake and know shes pregnant and alone the father is a good man but right now he is seeing a consoler because he isn't sure about what to do but i know he knows deep down in his heart the right thing to do is to take responsability and he will come arround one day so my main point i guess is think this all out maby talk to your parents about this or act like its about one of you friends be like mom dad my friend has a 22 year old boy friend and she going to get married to him in 2 months what do you think about that? see what there ooppinion is on the subject.

good luck on what ever you choose because if they don't like the idea of a 15 year old marrying a 22 year old they may just abandon you like never talk to you again

im 16 only a year older but just because im 16 it dosent mean im stupi.


how long have you been dating him? ny way it gose just don't get pregnannt.

what if youre 15 and pregnant,youre mother is no where too be found b/c she abandoned you and youre father has past away. BUT the father of the baby is 20 and so youre living with him. but social workers want to take you away from the one place you have to go and either put you w/ family that don't want you or a foster home until youre 16 but my b-day OS in sept. and my babies due date is July 14? the only way to escape is to get married but for one there is a monney issue annd for two i don't know if eny states will married a pregnant 15 yr old to her 20 yr old boyfriend. can some one help me?

ok...there are 2 things that you can is get are legally able to make your own decisions and 2 if this guy is really in love with you he will wait 3 year until its could only make your relationshipo stronger...i was 15 when i met my honey he was 22 and we have been happily married for 7 years i did it was i got emmancipated and we moved in and got married and now have been happy for the part 7 years? so good luck with your situation hun!!!

I am not the person that posted this but i am in the same state of being as that person, i am 15 and trying to get married to my b\f that is 22. Yes i am pregnant and my family is trying to get him in trouble but i haven't found any states besides Oklahoma and G.A. that will married me and him with my mothers consent. Plus we have been together for a year now and he is willing to stay and raise his child. so i say he is a good person and he deserves a chance to stay out of jail!!!!!!!!