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Hopefully none because it's animal cruelty.

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Cockfighting endures legally in New Mexico, Louisiana and Oklahoma, which is home to more than 40 established back-road pits, and illegally in many other states.

On Capitol Hill, more than 180 House members and more than 40 senators are sponsoring bills to prohibit the interstate shipment of fighting cocks. The sooner the better.

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Is cock fighting legal in Kentucky?

No. It is illegal in all states including Kentucky.

Is cock fighting legal in Oklahoma?


Is fighting chickens legal in Puerto Rico?

Yes fighting chicken which is also known as cock-fighting is legal in Puerto Rico.

Is cock fighting legal on Indian reservations in Mississippi?

No it is not if the indians get smart an can see the money

Is cock fighting in the Philippines legal form of gambling?

yes, specific days of cockfighting?

Can you get arrested for cock fighting if a rooster is in your yard?

Yes. Cock fighting is illegal, no matter where it occurs.

In what states is dog fighting legal?


What states is dog fighting legal?


How many roosters die from cock fighting?

Thousands of roosters get injured and die everyday from cock fighting.

Who was the fighting game cock?

# # # # # # #

Where cock fighting originated?


Where and when did cock fighting start?


When was cock fighting most popular?


What is the cock fighting capital of the world?


What is the best food for fighting cock?


What is the food for fighting cock?


How to effectively raise a good fighting cock?

How to Effectively raise a good fighting cock. Select a good blood line. Select a good fighting style. Select a Good Brood Cock and Brood Hen. Give them the best food and vitamins. And Give them time

Can neurobion be used as supplement for fighting cock?

ya i used neurobion for my fighting cocks.

What is the most bet on sport?

Dog or Cock fighting

What is the Greek word for fighting cock?

κοκορομαχία (kokoromachía)

How much is the most expensive fighting cock?

I know one that has sold in joggonathour sylhet region for 100,000.00 which is 100,000 English pounds? It was bought by a millionaire cock fighting specialist.

What was the game cock fighting in the middle ages?

cock fighting was two male chickens fighting to the death and this was usually bet on by the villagers some times the owner of the chicken would strap metal spikes to the chicken feet

Andrew Jackson and cock fighting in the white house?


Is there such thing as fighting chickens?

Fighting chickens are from breeds called gamecocks and are used in the blood sport of cock fighting. These birds are specially bred and conditioned for increased stamina, strength and aggressiveness. Cock fighting goes back 6,000 years in Persia as a social pastime.

How do you condition fighting cock?

The way to condition a cock before fighting is crucial in strengthening them. Feed them top quality food. Some people add steroids to the mix to add muscle mass.