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In what temperature does alcohol freezes?

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it doesn't

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What temperature will rubbing alcohol freezes?


What is the temperature at which a liquid freezes?

Depends on the liquid. Water, for example, freezes at 0 Celsius (32 Fahrenheit). Alcohol freezes at 0 Fahrenheit.

What freezes quicker water or rubbing alcohol?

Water. Although it's not really that it freezes faster but rather that it freezes at a higher temperature. How fast something freezes has to do with both its freezing point but also how much of it you have. A drop of alcohol will freeze faster than a giant container of water (assuming the temperature of the freezer is below the freezing point of alcohol).

Would you use alcohol or mercury to measure the temperature at the north pole?

If I only had those 2 choices... I would use ALCOHOL since Mercury freezes at -38.72° Celsius. The North Pole can get down below -50° Celsius. Ethanol (alcohol) freezes at -114 ° Celsius Methanol (alcohol) freezes at -97.8° Celsius

What is freezing temperature of alcohol?

Every substance can freeze. Pure drinking alcohol freezes at -117 degrees Celsius. Jack Daniels freezes at approximately -47 degrees Celsius since it has 40% alcohol. That is -53 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why is alcohol and mercury in liquid thermometer than water?

Water freezes at too high a temperature.

Can Water Substitute Coolant in Emergency if it is freezing cold?

No - water freezes at zero degrees Celsius. The alcohol used in coolants freezes at a much lower temperature.

Why alchol can measure freezing point of water?

Because alcohol freezes at a lower temperature than water.

A temperature of 273 k is the temperature at which water?

freezes freezes. =============== Also melts. melts

Why would you use an alcohol thermometer rather than a mercury thermometer to measure the temperature in a freezer?

A home freezer's ideal temperature for storing food is approximately -18 degrees Celsius. Mercury freezes at about -39 degrees Celsius, which is fairly close to the desired freezer temperature and can thus damage the thermometer. Ethanol, a common alcohol used in alcohol thermometers, freezes at -114 degrees Celsius, allowing it to properly function in freezers.

If vodka half freezes is it more alcoholic?

No, the higher the alcohol content the lower the freezing temperature. That portion that isn't frozen will have a higher proportion of alcohol than will the portion that has frozen.

The temperature at which a substance freezes is lower than the temperature at which it melts?

Correct, the temperature at which a substance freezes is lower than the melting point.

How do you use 'freezes' in a sentence?

Water freezes at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius.

What is the name for the temperature at which a mixture freezes?

The temperature at which a mixture freezes is called the freezing point. For instance, water freezes at 32 degrees F. at sea level.

Temperature of freezing water?

Plain water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. The temperature can be varied by mixing other substances (such as antifreeze, alcohol or salt) into the water.

Does alcohol raise the melting point of water?

No it would lower it. This is why de-icer is often alcohol (methanol) based. Alcohol turns to a solid (freezes) at a lower temperature then pure water. Freezing point of pure methanol is -98C

Freezing temperature of beer?

Since Wine freezes at about -7 degrees (Celsius) beer which has about half the alcohol of wine will freeze at about -3 to -4 degrees (Celsius) depending on the alcohol content of the beer.

A temperature of 273k is the temperature at which water?

That's about 0 degrees Celsius. At that temperature, ice melts (or water freezes). That is equivalent to zero degrees Celsius (Centigrade). Water freezes at that temperature.

What is the temperature scale where water freezes at 273?

On Kelvin scale water freezes at 273K.

What is the freezing temperature of skin?

The temperature at which skin freezes is -78degrees centigrade.

What is the temperature scale where water freezes at 32?

It is the Fahrenheit temperature scale

On the celsius temperature scale water freezes at and boils at degrees?

Freezes at 0, boils at 100

What is the freezing temperature that freezes water molecules?

Water freezes at 0o Celsius, or 32o Fahrenheit.

Can lighter fluid be frozen?

Yes, it can. It freezes at a temperature much lower than what water freezes at.

At what temperature milk freezes?

20 degrease