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Q: In what type of reaction do burning flames and explosion occur?
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What is the dangers with burning oil as fuel in the boiler?

An explosion could occur.

How does chemical reaction occur in a coal?

Burning of coal: c +o2 = co2.

What type of explosion can occur at any moment?

An immediate explosion can occur at any moment.

Where do burning wood and coal and fossil fuel get their heat energy from?

When you burn something, you are causing an exothermic reaction to occur. When that heat is released from the reaction, is causes more to burn, keeping the exothermic reaction going.

Why do you need a trigger to start an explosion?

because chemical and physical reactions cannot occur without a factor to force or cause the reaction. hence you need a trigger to cause an explosion. just the same as enzymes are used to to start the digestive process.

Does burning process occur in vacuum?

burning process does not occur due to absence of air.

Does flames occur in a chemical reaction?

Flames can occur during chemical reactions that release considerable energy, if other conditions are favorable. For example, it is widely reported that if metallic potassium is dropped into water in a container open to the atmosphere, the release of energy is so high and the release of hydrogen so rapid that the hydrogen bursts into flame. More prosaically, kerosene and similar materials can be burned from a wick to produce continuous light from better controlled flames.

What year Chernobyl explosion occur?


Is HCl plus NaCl reaction?

Any reaction occur in this case.

What is the equation of nacl ccl4?

Any reaction occur.

What do you call an explosion that is about to occur at any moment?


What do you call an explosion that is about to occur any moment?