In what volume of fruits basket is there a kiss?

I don't have the manga right next to me at the moment but let me see if I can go off memory:

Volume 2 - Hatori and Kana kiss (flashback scene)

Volume 9 or 10 - Yuki kisses Tohru on the forehead.

Volume 12 - Haru and Rin kiss.

Volume 14 - More Haru and Rin.

Volume 16 - Kyoko and Katsuya kiss.

Volume 17 - Kureno and Akito kiss along. There is a brief PG 13 sex scene between Shigure and Akito as well.

Volume 20 or 21 - I think it's in these where Yuki and Machi kiss, Kyo and Tohru kiss, Ayame and Mine kiss and then there's some more Haru and Rin action.

Volume 23 - Kyo and Tohru, Yuki and Machi, Shigure and Akito and I think Haru and Rin.

I'm pretty sure that's it.