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In what ways are coomets and aserodis both like the planets

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Stars and planets are formed when the nebula collapses creating spinning balls of matter

What layer of the sun's atmosphere is composed of granular cells

The hottest part of the sun

About how many stars are in the Milky Way

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Q: In what way are comets and asteroids like the planets?
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What other things are there in the Milky Way Galaxy besides planets?

pluto,asteroids,stars,comets and dwarf planets Stars, gas, black holes.

What sites will you see on the way from Earth to Uranus?

asteroids and comets!

What is the milky way made up?

Our galaxy, the milky way, is made up of hundreds of billions of stars, many of which with their own planets, and other matter such as comets and asteroids etc.

How are comets alike to planets?

Comets and planets are alike only by one way-they orbit the sun and are in the solar system.

Why is earth considered part of the milky way galaxy yet it is not a star?

Because a galaxy contains not only stars, but planets, asteroids, comets and other stellar material.

Where do comets and asteroids go?

Most "asteroids" are in orbit around the Sun, unless disturbed by gravity or collisions. Comets may orbit the Sun regularly, or be drawn in from the outer solar system and pass by the Sun on their way back out (hyperbolic comets).

What are some celestial objects found in milky way galaxy?

Stars, planets, natural satellites (moons), comets, asteroids, nebulae, dust and gas clouds, aurorae, neutron stars, dwarf stars, dwarf planets, black holes.

Compare Milky Way to solar system?

Milky way is talking about our whole actual galaxy with a lot of stars, planets, asteroids, meteors, and comets, but solar system JUST refers to our sun, the moon, planets, and the stars which happen to be in the Milky way. They are two totally different things because of this.

What object does our solar system revolve around?

The planets, asteroids, comets, and other objects that make up our solar system orbit the Sun. Our entire solar system orbits the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, like everything else in the Milky Way Galaxy does.

Why do asteroids have craters?

while planets have them, their gravity is WAY weaker- they tend to have more!

How are the inner planets protected from many asteroids strikes?

The atmosphere protects the inner planets the same way as for meteors.

When can you find the milky way?

You can find Planets, Billions of Stars, and Comets, meteoroids, comets, black holes and alot of other stuff.

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